Academische plechtigheden

  • Promotie I. Tindemans

    Notch Signaling During T Helper 2 Cell-Mediated Inflammation in Allergic Asthma
  • Promotie E. Farshadi

    The Circadian Clock-Cell Cycle Connection and its Implication for Cancer
  • Promotie K. Mojanchevska

    Accommodation of Cultural Diversity in Public Spaces. The Case of Skopje (Macedonia)
  • Promotie S.H.M. Reuvers

    Outcomes in Functional Urology: Towards a prediction model in pelvic floor disorders
  • Promotie M.C. Sierksma

    Neural Activity During The Formation Of A Giant Auditory Synapse
  • Promotie C.J. van den Dool

    Move to the Music
  • Promotie R. Snoeij

    International Tax Aspects of Sovereign Wealth Investors: A Source State Perspective
  • Promotie E. Avci-Surucu

    Surveillance of Complex Auction Markets: A Big-Data Analytics Approach
  • Promotie M. van Putten

    Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer: optimising care and outcomes in changing clinical practice
  • Promotie J.M. Fam

    Bioresorbable Polymer Coated Metallic Stents and Fully Bioresorbable Scaffolds: Benefits and limitations in different coronary lesion subsets, clinical and intracascular imaging results