Rehearse and play

Rehearse and play

This year the Dutch Student Orchestra (NSO) exists 65 years and it’s still popular. What's their secret?

Only God knows. 

Once you're in, you'll go to a farm to rehearse, study ánd party.  Over the last 65 years at least thirty NSO babies have been born. A coincidence? Probably not. The students are connected by something big: their love for music. 

Even though most participants sleep only about four hours a night,   the Dutch Student Orchestra offers a top level. Whether students are hung over or not, they're always in time for rehearsel and a party is never an excuse to expectorate the next day. 

Mahler featuring Beyoncée

The difference between a professional orchestra and the NSO is the fact that there’s no routine to fall back on, says the conductor. On the other hand that can be an advantage too: while professional musicians often have strong opinions, students are quickly aligned: “Everyone wants to do Mahler so badly. That's what they listen to at home, alongside Beyoncé.”

Feb 20th the orchestra performed at the Rotterdam Doelen; Feb 21th their final concert was at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. What's next? London's calling!

Source: Volkskrant. 




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