International Conference Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity

Aligning business, government and society for long-term, inclusive prosperity

Fostering inclusive and sustainable prosperity implies private and public sector changes and leadership that is aimed at long-term benefits. The ability of future generations to enjoy ‘prosperous’ lives depends on our resolve today to radically transform how we manage businesses and govern societies in fairer and more equitable ways.

International Conference

During this Conference, particular attention will be given to the Compact for Responsive and Responsible Leadership, sponsored by the World Economic Forum International Business Council and launched at the Annual Meeting in 2017. The Compact aims at creating a corporate governance framework with a focus on the long-term sustainability of corporations and the long-term goals of society.

Programme and practical information

On Thursday 29 November, the first day of the conference will offer key notes from renowned speakers and multiple ‘mix & match’ events for bringing together leaders from the worlds of business, government, NGO and academia to discuss the transition towards more responsive and responsible leadership. This is a public conference, co-hosted by World Economic Forum). The event will take place at Rotterdam Hilton Hotel.

On Friday 30 November, the research agenda and scientific results will be the focus during the scientific conference that will take place at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

About the Research Initiative Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity

The Erasmus Initiative Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity combines members of the Erasmus School of Law, Rotterdam School of Management and the Erasmus School of Philosophy and channels their expertise into research projects that lead to a step-change in academic understanding of the drivers and dynamics of inclusive prosperity as well as impact-driven contributions to societal debate, public policy formation, entrepreneurship and regulation.

Participating schools

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