prof.dr. (Jurian) J Edelenbos

prof.dr. (Jurian) J Edelenbos
Full professor Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Public Administration
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Jurian Edelenbos is professor of interactive urban governance and academic director of the Erasmus Initiative Vital Cities and Citizens. Jurian Edelenbos has completed his PhD in 2000 at Delft University of Technology. He has developed expertise in the fields of governance, citizen participation & self-organization, boundary spanning, trust, network management, and democratic legitimacy. He conducts research in the following domains: urban management & planning, integrated water management & sustainable energy. Research interests: community-based initiatives, boundary spanning, trust, governance networks

  • J (Jurian) Edelenbos (14 februari 2022) - Solving urban challenges together: the vitality of citizen initiatives - RVO Webinar on Solving Urban Challenges Together

  • Jurian Edelenbos (2010) - American Review of Public Administration (Journal)

  • Diana Giebels, JAA Swart, Arwin Buuren & Jurian Edelenbos (2014) - Towards ecosystem-based management in the Wadden Sea? Exploring and evaluating national constraints to evidence-based decision-making in the case of seal management - Paper presented at IRSPM annual conference 2014, April 09 – 2013, April 14
  • Diana Giebels, Lasse Gerrits & Jurian Edelenbos (2013) - Facing complex socio-ecological systems by ecosystem-based management: towards an evidence-based typology - Paper presented at the COMPACT II conference
  • Diana Giebels, Arwin Buuren & Jurian Edelenbos (2013) - Knowledge as a means to solve the 'wicked issue' of sustainable river restoration? Insights from the Danish Houting project - Paper presented at IRSPM annual conference

  • MJ (José) Nederhand, J (Jurian) Edelenbos, FR (Flor) Avelino & J (Jan) Fransen (2021) - International Paper Workshop Vital Cities - International Paper Workshop Vital Cities

  • M (Malika) Igalla, J (Jurian) Edelenbos & IF (Ingmar) van Meerkerk (2022) - IRSPM Anniversary Symposium
  • M (Malika) Igalla, J (Jurian) Edelenbos & IF (Ingmar) van Meerkerk (2021) - Kooiman best article in Public Management Review

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