(Rod) R.A. Mena Fluhmann

(Rod) R.A. Mena Fluhmann

PhD-AiO Researcher International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) ISS PhD
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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Rodrigo (Rod) Mena is a socio-environmental researcher at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

His current research project focuses on disaster response and humanitarian aid in complex and high-intensity conflict-affected scenarios. At the moment he is based in Afghanistan conducting fieldwork research. Have worked in Africa, Latin America, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

More than a decade of relevant work experience on projects, research and fieldwork, including the development of quantitative and qualitative research for academia and program assessment. His experience encompasses work in academia, public and private sector, government, with ministers, local and international NGOs and the UN (United Nations).

His latest publications are related to resilience and vulnerability to socio-natural disasters and conflicts; climate change, peak oil and transition strategies; urban agriculture and food security; and applied fieldwork research. Ability to write reports in different formats for broad and varied audiences and have experience publishing in international journals and book chapters.

In terms of applied research, Rod has experience and training in the development of fieldwork in hostile, complex and remote areas, being certified by United Nations, Red Cross, Centre for Safety and Development, GCORE, and RedR Emergency Response.

He has led humanitarian aid groups and conducted research after the occurrence of several disasters, including earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, floods, storms and droughts.

He holds degrees in Sociology (Magna Cum Laude), Political and Social Science (Cum Laude), a Master of Environments from the University of Melbourne (H1, Magna Cum Laude) and diplomas in methodology and socioenvironmental topics, including Quantitative Multivariable Analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment, Public Policy, and Sustainable Development.

Areas of study:

  • Socio-natural disasters and conflicts
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Environmental sociology
  • Resilience and social vulnerability
  • Urban agriculture and food security
  • Climate change, peak oil, transition strategies, environmental education and limits to growth
  • Methodology of transdisciplinary research, and
  • Research and fieldwork in hostile, complex and remote areas

Professional Associations:

  • Co-Chair, Ecology and Peace Commission (EPC), International Peace Research Association (IPRA)
  • Member, International Humanitarian Studies Association (IHSA)
  • Member, International Studies Association (ISA)

  • PhD-AiO Researcher

    Erasmus University Rotterdam
    International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
    ISS PhD
  • IPRA Ecology and Peace Commission

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    The Ecology and Peace Commission (EPC) of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) addresses the relationship between the Earth and Human systems, and their impacts on peace.
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