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  • dr. (Anna) A Baiardi

    dr. (Anna) A Baiardi

  • (Mareen) M Bastiaans

    (Mareen) M Bastiaans

  • dr. (Suzanne) SH Bijkerk

    dr. (Suzanne) SH Bijkerk

  • dr. (Anne) AL Boring

    dr. (Anne) AL Boring

  • (Paul) PR Bose

    (Paul) PR Bose

    Paul Bose is a PhD candidate at the Erasmus School of Economics. Since Sep. 2018 he works on his PhD project entitled “Essays in Applied Political Economy”…
  • prof.dr. (Maarten) EM Bosker

    prof.dr. (Maarten) EM Bosker

  • (Yao) Y Chen

    (Yao) Y Chen

  • (Maria) M Cotofan

    (Maria) M Cotofan

    Maria Cotofan is a PhD candidate at Erasmus University in Rotterdam (EUR) and the Tinbergen Institute (TI), under the supervision of Prof. dr. Robert Dur and…
  • dr. (Benoit) BSY Crutzen

    dr. (Benoit) BSY Crutzen

    Political economy, organisational politics and economics
  • dr. (Josse) J Delfgaauw

    dr. (Josse) J Delfgaauw

    Dr. Delfgaauw ‘ research interests include organizational economics and personnel economics. He combines theoretical work on the interplay between incentives,…