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  • dr. (Maurice) MH de Rochemont

    dr. (Maurice) MH de Rochemont

  • prof.dr. (Suzana) SB Rodrigues

    prof.dr. (Suzana) SB Rodrigues

    Suzana B. Rodrigues is Emeritus Professor of International Business and Organisation at the Department of Business-Society Management, Rotterdam School of…
  • (Brenda) BJ Rodriguez Cortes

    (Brenda) BJ Rodriguez Cortes

  • (Claudia) CF Rodriguez Orrego

    (Claudia) CF Rodriguez Orrego

  • (Fernanda) MF Rodriguez Rodriguez

    (Fernanda) MF Rodriguez Rodriguez

  • prof.dr. (Erik) EM Roelofsen

    prof.dr. (Erik) EM Roelofsen

    Erik Roelofsen is a professor of international financial reporting and capital market communications at Department of Accounting and Control, Rotterdam School…
  • prof.dr. (Kirsten) KIM Rohde

    prof.dr. (Kirsten) KIM Rohde

    Kirsten I.M. Rohde is an endowed professor of Behavioural Economics with a focus on Intertemporal Choice. She has broad research interests in any topic…
  • (Itayosara) I Rojas Herrera

    (Itayosara) I Rojas Herrera

    Itayosara Rojas is currently a PhD Researcher at International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is member of a European…
  • dr. (Robby) RA Roks

    dr. (Robby) RA Roks

  • (Antonio) AM Roman-Alcala

    (Antonio) AM Roman-Alcala

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