Jim Moriarty

I believe I achieved all of my goals whilst studying here in Rotterdam. I now have a much better understanding of the many methods, techniques and analyses used in economic evaluations
Jim Moriarty - USA
Graduate Master in Health Economics, Policy & Law Specialisation Health Economics

The main reason why I became interested in the Health Economics programme in Rotterdam was that the curriculum was a very good fit for what I was looking for in a masters programme. Before coming to Rotterdam, I was working as an analyst at Mayo Clinic, a medical institution in the United States. My group focuses on health services research and economic evaluations at the hospital. We needed more individuals with advanced degrees in these fields and the programme in Rotterdam had the applied nature we were looking for. Many other programmes were more theoretical.

I believe I achieved all of my goals while studying here in Rotterdam. I’d had previous experience with many of the courses and subjects, either at a lower level of education or through work experience. However, I felt I really needed the education and experience that is provided in a classroom setting. I now have a much better understanding of the many methods, techniques, and analyses used in economic evaluations in the medical field.

I thought that the design and structure of the courses was very helpful in learning the material. Many of the courses had segments in which the students would divide into discussion groups. Even in the applied tools courses that had individual projects, working together was encouraged. Discussing and working with other students is a great way to learn the material and to see things from someone else’s viewpoint. Overall, there was a relaxed and informal environment among students and between the students and professors. The teaching staff are very approachable and willing to take additional time outside of the regular classes to answer questions.

The Netherlands was a very enjoyable place to conduct my studies. I found that the Dutch people are very friendly and good-natured. Personally, I enjoy the Dutch sense of humour. And if you take the effort to learn a little of the language, even just a few simple words or phrases, it is very appreciated and can go a long way with some people.

The year studying abroad in Rotterdam was an amazing experience for me. Besides learning valuable skills that I definitely use in the field of health economics, I have had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn about their cultures. The international diversity of the student population at Erasmus creates a great atmosphere for learning.

When I completed the programme, I returned to my work. I know work solely on cost analysis studies. I have taken on more project management responsibilities, contribute more to manuscript writing and take a more leading role in some projects. I use the knowledge I gained from the economic techniques and concepts taught at Erasmus I use on a daily basis. The courses in econometrics and simulation were among the most beneficial to me since this is what my work focuses on. I routinely find myself looking back at old lecture notes, text books or reference articles to refresh myself on topics. Without a doubt, the time I spent doing the Health Economics programme at Erasmus University has been a tremendous help to my career. My future opportunities are much improved after completing the masters programme.