Week 1

Session 1 -  Friday 26 September 2014 (T18-33)


Introduction: data, science → data science

An introduction will be presented into the concept of big data, as well as the current topics and debates on the role of digital data and big data in several scholarly fields.  


  • Examples: we will go through and discuss examples of big data from the Humanities and Social Sciences by explaining and analysing projects and methods used;
  • Overview of software: an overview will be provided on how to find useful databases, (free) software and tools. This will be accompanied by an introduction into some important concepts and terminology;
  • Introduction and use of analysis tools: on to how acquire, sort out, and visualize data for a project or topic of your choice, and how to publish the results as so-called enhanced publication.

Literature (reading required)

  • Bruns, A. (2012). Information , Communication & Society. How long is a tweet? Mapping dynamic conversation networks on Twitter using Gawk and Gephi, (October 2012), 37–41.
  • Berry, D. M.(2012). Understanding digital humanities. Palgrave Macmillan. (Intro chapter; should be available via google books.)
  • Rogers, R. (2009). End of the virtual digital methods. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.
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