Making the implicit explicit: the use of video analysis software in muscial learning processes

Date: 06/05/2014

Time: 12:15-13:30

Location: Room T3-07

Speaker: Jaco van den Dool


During a collective musical learning process, young musicians often transmit musical information through modelling, gaze, gestures, bodily movements, and motion. Paradoxically, theorists from Pythagoras to current researchers of the ‘Mozart-effect’ have sought to highlight the value of music by its cognitive contributions, making the body subordinate to the mind. The emphasis on cognitive learning in education is, however, at odds with the preferred ways of children’s modes of learning and transmission of information. Their learning strategies are predominantly embodied and seldom text orientated.

During this presentation Jaco van den Dool will explore the implications of treating musical learning as an interactive, embodied collaboration. Embodied learning is, however, a largely implicit process. The challenge lies in developing a method allowing the researcher to make implicit learning explicit by presenting sequence maps, showing specific patterns in the process of musical learning .The use of Transana video analysis software proves to be a helpful tool in understanding the body-minded learning strategies of young musicians.