Prof. Dr. G.A. van der Knaap (Bert)

Selected scientific publications by Bert van der Knaap

Steden in de Netwerkeconomie (2007) M.J. Burger, F.G. van Oort, O. Raspe en G. A. van der Knaap, Geografie, vol 16, no. 4, pp. 34-37

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When clusters become networks, with S. Phlippen (accepted with revisions, Economic Geography)

Measuring Urban Competition on the basis of flows between Cities: Some evidence from the World City Network, with R. Wall en M. Burger. (accepted, with revisions, Urban Studies)

A treatise on the Geographical Scale of Agglomeration Externalities and the modifiable Areal Unit Problem, with F.G. van Oort, en M. Burger, Scienze Regionali, (forthcoming,2009)

Generic versus Specific City Systems, centrality and structure within contemporary corporate networks, with R. Wall (submitted to Economic Geography)

National Competiveness as Determinant of the Geography of Global Corporate Networks, with M. Burger and R.S. Wall (Environment and Planning A, revise, resubmit).

Networks and Economic Agglomerations: Introduction to the special issue (with M.Burger, F. Van oort  and Koen Frenken) Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geografie, 2009, vol. 100,no. 2,  pp130-144.