Eurekaweek Board 2019

Het Eurekaweekbestuur 2019
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  • Jasper de Fluiter Balledux
    Study: Economics & Business – Erasmus University College

    As a first year student, the Eurekaweek was for me the official beginning of my life as a student. Captured by the magic of the week, I experienced the week two more times: In 2017 as a guide and in 2018 as part of the crew. The many positive experiences I encountered during those weeks led me to apply to the next step: The Eurekaweek Board.

    For the coming summer I will be responsible for organizing the Eurekaweek, together with 7 fellow students. It’s a beautiful task, and one which we all take very seriously. We’ll be doing everything we can the coming months to ensure that the Eurekaweek will once again be the perfect introduction week for all first year students.

  • Martijn Kamphorst
    Study: mr.drs.-programme and Economics of Taxation

    The Eurekaweek is for many students the best start of their study. You get to know other students, the university and the big city Rotterdam. My adventure started in 2014 when I participated in the Eurekaweek and did not knew the Erasmus University and the city Rotterdam barely. I went from a small town to a big city and had to find my everything out by myself. With the help of my two guides, other Eurekaweek participants and all the volunteers I really felt at home in Rotterdam and at the Erasmus University after four long days. In the years after, I had the change to become a guide twice and help the new students finding their way in a new setting and starting a new chapter. Now I have the chance, after already four years of studying, to organize the Eurekaweek myself and manage the budget!

  • Yannick Staal
    Study: Strategic Management

    The Eurekaweek is the start of the amazing student life Rotterdam has to offer. My Eurekaweek of 2015 was the best way to discover a new city which I was not familiar with. Moreover, I got to know my friends and got to see what the student life of Rotterdam has to offer. To relive this amazing week, I decided to become a guide in 2016. Three years later, I have the honour to organize the Eurekaweek 2019. My role as commissioner of acquisition makes me responsible for contacting different companies and organizations. I am looking forward to organize an amazing week for aspiring students with my seven fellow board members.

  • Alana Leah Mook
    Internal Affairs
    Study: Psychology

    Other then most of my board members, the first time I experienced the Eurekaweek wasn’t as a participant, but as member of the crew. It was a tough first acquaintance with the week, because being on the crew is hard work, but I enjoyed every last bit of it. That’s when my enthusiasm for the Eurekaweek began. After being a member of the crew for a second time, I was so excited to do more with the Eurekaweek that I decided to apply for the board. As commissioner of internal affairs I now am responsible for the contacts and agreements with the different associations and I am looking forward to the fantastic week we’re going to organize as the Eurekaweek board 2019!

  • Sterre van der Heyden
    Participants & Guides
    Study: Pedagogical Sciences

    The Eurekaweek is always one of the best weeks of the year. The new students are full of enthusiasm to discover the student life of Rotterdam and they make friends for life. For me, it was the perfect start to my student life. In the following years I participated in the Eurekaweek as a guide and as part of the crew. This year I am looking forward to organise an amazing week with the Eurekaweek board. I will be responsible for everything concerning the participants and the guides, to make sure they have a fantastic week and a great start to the academic year!

  • Mariska Dommanschet
    Study: International Bachelor in Communication & Media (IBCoM)

    Since 2015, when I was a participant of the Eurekaweek, it has been my favorite week of the year. In the beginning I had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be a fantastic start of my student life in Rotterdam! Last summer I was part of the crew and I experienced the Eurekaweek from an even closer perspective. After this week, I knew for sure that I wanted to be part of the Eurekaweek Board 2019. As commissioner of Marketing, I am responsible for all promotion of the Eurekaweek; a position that suits me well and where I can be creative. I am really looking forward to the third week of August and I'm sure I can look back on this year with a smile!

  • Dennis Moeskops
    Events & Logistics
    Study: Economics and Business Economics

    The best thing about the Eurekaweek for me, is that it has something to offer for every student. You’re given an opportunity to get to know the city, lots of associations   and of course the Erasmus University Rotterdam itself. In 2015 I was a participant myself and experienced this as a wonderful start of my time in Rotterdam! After this I became a member of the crew for the Eurekaweek 2016 and 2017, experiencing it from the other side. In all editions of the Eurekaweek I met lots of people which I’m still in contact with and had a great summer. This summer I hope to be able to set up some well-organized events, and to have a great time personally as well. I am looking forward to fulfill this challenge together with my fellow 7 board members, I’ll see you there!

  • Dion Biesaart
    Events & Crew
    Study: Sociology

    Since I started studying at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2015, I have been involved with the Eurekaweek. As a participant this was a week to remember. In the following years I have been both guide and crew. I think its super cool that, after four years, I have the honour to organize this amazing week myself. The best part of my function is that I am actively and intensively involved in certain events and that I can lead the enthusiastic team of crew members. I am confident that we will organize an unforgettable week and that all the prospective students will have a flying start to their student days.