Development of the MOOC ‘Innovation management 2.0”

  • Requester and project lead: Sandra Langeveld, Helge Klapper

  • CLI Project Lead: Marit Nieuwenhuis

We have a successful MOOC on Coursera. The MOOC is available for everyone who wants to learn the basics of Innovation Management. It is also a crucial element of our courses in the Bachelor programmes Business Administration and International Business Administration at the RSM. However, after 5 years it is time to renew the MOOC; from a content and technical point of view. Since innovation is about change and renewal (Management of Innovation section), we need to make sure we have an innovative MOOC.


We would like to develop a MOOC that has a clear and logical structure and is nice to watch for internal (RSM) and external students.

Internal students: We would improve the quality of our current Bachelor course. Students will watch the videos of the MOOC before (and sometimes after) the on-campus lectures. The on-campus lectures will be used for more depth (case) discussions and Q&A’s.

External students: Students around the world should learn about the basics of innovation management. The MOOC should combine the latest findings in research in innovation with practical and current examples.


When the project has been evaluated, the results will be published

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