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Our international bachelor's programmes: International Bachelor in Psychology & Management of International Social Challenges

Congratulations, you are (conditionally) admitted to one of our Bachelor programmes! Make sure to have a good look at the checklist and practical information below and complete your enrolment before September 1.

You will receive more information regarding the start of the academic year, preparations, introduction and timetables in your personal welcome message (which you will receive in August) after you are fully enrolled.

From 15 April, you can see which place on the ranking list was assigned to you. If you are selected, you have to accept your place within 2 weeks about which you will be informed by email. If you do not accept your place in time, it will (automatically) be given away to the next candidate on the list.

Sending Certified Copies
Sending the originals of certified copies of your documents per post is the next step towards completion of your application and enrolment as a bachelor student at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Please send us the documents as soon as possible, but before the 1st of August.

Note: To prevent messages about your registration from ending up in your junk email (spam) folder, we recommend that you add Erasmus University Rotterdam to your address book or list of trusted senders.

When possible? TBA

The payment method can be entered via Studielink. As soon as this is possible, you will receive a message from Studielink. Do you not see this option in your to-do list in Studielink? Then contact the Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC) on +31 10 408 2323 and make sure you have your student number at hand.

Consult the Tuition fees webpage if you have other questions about the implementation of the payment method or the tuition fees.

Your details are forwarded to the Immigration Desk around the time of your admission (from April onwards) and they will contact you if immigration is applicable in your case (non-EU/EEA nationality). Please correspond with them directly regarding immigration issues. Please do inform us when you do not hear from them 2,5 months before the beginning of your studies. If you already have a residence permit, please contact the Immigration Desk directly asking them if you need to do anything about immigration.

Please note, the immigration application deadline is July 10th. After this deadline it is not possible anymore to complete the immigration procedure and enroll in the programme.

If your enrollment request in Studielink has the status ''request submitted'', you are not yet enrolled. If you are fully enrolled this status changes to 'enrolled/registered'. Your registration must be completed before 1 September. We therefore advise you to keep a close eye on your status, your application and the messages you receive from us. Contact the Erasmus Student Service Center in time if it is not clear to you why your registration has not yet been completed.

Practical matters

More information about the start of the academic year, preparation, introduction, timetable, etc. will follow in the welcome message (from August) after you have fully registered.

  • Please find the Academic calendar here.

Important dates academic year 2024-2025

29 July – 16 AugustPre-Academic Programme
19 August – 22 AugustEurekaweek
In the first week of the academic yearIntroduction lecture
2 SeptemberStart Academic year & Education

It is likely there will be a few months between your conditional and unconditional offer, especially when you are still in the process of obtaining your diploma at the moment of applying. Please do not worry; you will be unconditionally admitted once you obtained your diploma and we received your certified copies.

  • If you are applying with a Dutch educational background (HBO propedeuse or VWO) it is not necessary to send us your documents; we can verify them digitally via DUO.
  • If you are applying with an international diploma, please send us your certified copies as soon as possible but before August 1st. You can find more information about sending certified copies (and which documents we need) here.

Within two weeks after the status of your enrolment in Studielink has changed to ‘enrolled’, you will receive a digital student card and you can download a proof of enrolment.

  1. Once your enrolment is complete, you will receive a digital student card. This is your official identification on campus; it is therefore mandatory to upload a passport photo when you first enrol at EUR. Your digital student card is your library card at the university library; you will need it if you want to use a study place and you may be asked for it when entering lectures.
  2. As soon as you are fully enrolled, you can download a proof of enrolment. You can use a proof of enrolment for organisations (e.g. a bank or insurance company) that ask for it.

More information on the student card and proof of enrolment can be found here.

You will receive more information in your welcome message around August when you are fully enrolled. In the meantime, you can visit the EUR Course Guide to find more information about the courses in your study programme and have a look at the timetable of the current academic year. Keep in mind that this might be different next year.

All compulsory literature can be found in the course description. During the first year of your bachelor programme, most of the literature is available digitally, or in the study landscape in Polak Building on the fourth floor.

You will receive more information in your personal welcome message around August when you are fully enrolled.

The Student Life Office assists (international) students with all non-study related questions about, for example, housing, student life, finding your way within ESSB or other practical questions.

The Student Life team is also there to help students in their new (social) life in Rotterdam. That is why they organize activities and drinks every month where you get the chance to meet and get to know your fellow students (see an overview here). 

Do you have a question for the for the Student Life Office or an idea for the Student Life Team?

Please contact or contact them via the chat.

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