Bachelor in Management of International Social Challenges

Admission and enrolment: checklist MISOC

The application, admission and enrolment procedures are not the same at every university in the Netherlands and even within one university they can differ. In order to give you an overview of the various processes before you enter the programme, we have created a checklist with textual explanation to clarify the information.

Please read the information below very carefully in order to finalize your admission and enrolment successfully. The checklist will also help you to plan your stay in advance. In case you encounter difficulties or if you have any concerns regarding these subjects, please don't hesitate to contact us.



ADMISSION Selection by the Admissions Board

Upon completing your registration to the respective Bachelor's programme in Studielink and submitting your application, your file is sent to the Admissions Office. The Admissions Office checks your eligibility and if all documents are received. If your application is complete and you are eligible for the programme, your application is sent to the Admissions Board for assessment and selection. Generally you are notified of the outcome of this assessment within 6-8 weeks. Accepted students receive an offer of admission by email.

ADMISSION Offer Reply Form

Before you proceed you will need to inform us of your choice by filling out the Offer Reply Form (ORF). The link to the ORF will be sent to you in our offer of admission. Please submit the ORF as soon as you can, preferably within 4 weeks after you have received our offer and no later than May 31.

ADMISSION Waiting list

There is a waiting list due to the large amount of applications we receive and the fact that the number of suitable students is usually larger than the amount of places we have. Students who are placed on the waiting list are still able to be selected for the programme until the end of June.

ADMISSION Sending documents to complete admission

By sending the originals of certified copies of your educational documents per post before August 1 you complete your admission. Moreover, it enables you to proceed to the enrolment procedure. We will send you a confirmation email when the documents are received. Read more… 

ADMISSION No diploma yet

If you expect to receive your high school diploma by the end of August, please make sure that your diploma/ letter from your high school states that you have graduated and fulfilled all the requirements of your school. This diploma/ letter should reache us BEFORE the last week of August. Read more...


Please note that admission to enrolment will only happen after: 1. you have filled out the Offer Reply Form; 2. you have sent in the hardcopies of the requested documents per post, and 3. you have fulfilled the requirements set by your offer of admission (only if a condition was set). If you have to fulfil a condition, your enrolment will remain pending until you have fulfiled it and have informed us about it, presenting a proof thereof. Please mind that you must do this no later than one week before the end of August.

ENROLMENT Photo upload

An important system-generated message was sent to you right after your registration to the programme(-s). It contained instructions on how to upload a digital photo to the student administration system. Read more...

ENROLMENT Payment of tuition fees

Make sure your tuition payment reaches us BEFORE August 31. Read more...


ENROLMENT Download proof of enrolment

Once you have completed all the steps of the admission and enrolment procedure you can download a proof of enrolment. A hard copy of it will be sent to your postal address (if you registered a Dutch address in Studielink) or ours. In the latter case you will receive the proof on enrolment together with your student card after you arrive at the university.

Practice mathematics skills

Based on their previous education, some students have been advised to improve their skills in mathematics prior to the start of the academic year. We kindly advise you to practice basic mathematics skills, such as basic arithmetic (+, -, *, /) and order of operations. It would be helpful if you already feel comfortable using a scientific calculator.

Immigration (if applicable)

Your details are forwarded to the Immigration Desk around the time of your admission and they will contact you if immigration applies to you. Please immediately correspond with them regarding immigration issues and contact them when you have not heard from them 2,5 months before the start of your studies. If you already have a residence permit, please contact the Immigration Desk and ask them if you need to do anything regarding immigration procedures. 

Introduction activities

The faculty orientation activities (mandatory) start on the first day (Monday) of the academic year and include several activities in the first month. Besides the mandatory orientation activities organised by the faculty, the central level of the university also offers several orientation programmes for all new (international) students which are not obligatory. Please make sure to be in the Netherlands in time in order to be able to participate in activities that are considered to be useful.

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Facebook group

In several week's time after the completion of your enrolment you will be invited to a Facebook group of fellow students. In the meantime, please have a look at the Facebook page of the international office of ESSB. On our Facebook page we share and post all kinds of stuff that might be useful for you as an international ESSB student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Like us to stay fully up to date!


Information on the timetables is available in the Course Guide at the end of July. Enter the name of your course and check the timetable on the right hand side. Another way to check the timetables is by clicking on the course descriptions in the curriculum table. Please have a look at the timetable for more information.

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Practical preparations

Have you arranged your housing, is your insurance complete and do you know how to get to Rotterdam? All pre-departure matters, other things to consider before you commence your studies abroad and much more information can be found on the page that contains all practical information. For any practical non-study related questions you can contact your Student Life Officer via or 010-4082238 

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