ESSB research on impact coronavirus

Kristel Segeren

The outbreak of COVID-19 has motivated researchers at the ESSB to investigate the effects and consequences of the coronavirus and the announced measures on people and society. The list below shows a broad range of (interdisciplinary) research that has been initiated since the outbreak of the crisis

This overview is based on the alphabetical order of the surname of the first contact person.

Contact: Marjolein Kooistra and Britt Boeddha, communication ESSB

Cognitive resources in times of corona

Contact person: Dr. Marta Andreatta

Daily self-regulation strategies to keep up job performance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact person: Prof. dr. Arnold Bakker

Self-nudging to foster employee physical activity while working from home

Financed by NWO

Contact persons: Prof. dr. Arnold Bakker & Dr. Juriena de Vries

Societal Coalitions in Times of Corona Rotterdam

Contact person: Dr. ir. Beitske Boonstra

Wellbeing, self-oriented and prosocial behaviour among EUR students during the pandemic COVID-19 crisis

Contact person: Prof. dr. Eveline Crone

Urban Wellbeing: Wellbeing, prosocial behaviour, and media use among the youth of Rotterdam during the pandemic COVID-19 crisis

Contact person: Prof. dr. Eveline Crone

A daily diary study on adolescents’ mood, empathy, and prosocial behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic

Contact persons: Prof. dr. Eveline Crone & Suzanne van de Groep

Research on the impact of COVID-19 on children and adolescents with autism

Financed by ZonMW

Contact persons: Dr. Linda Dekker & Dr. Ruth Van der Hallen

Research into the effects of Covid-19 on visits to general practitioners in deprived neighbourhoods

Financed by ZonMW

Contact persons: Prof. Dr. Semiha Denktas & Dr. Paul Kocken 

Implications of pandemic for the lives of people all over the world

Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Pearl Dykstra

Research on the social effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the (intended) mitigating measures

Financed by ZonMW

Contact persons: Prof. Dr. Jurian Edelenbos & Prof. Dr. Frank van Oort

Rotterdam Impactstudy COVID-19

Contact persons: Prof. dr. Jurian Edelenbos & Dr. Jan Fransen

Social impact of COVID-19 followed through time

Financed by ZonMW

Contact persons: prof. dr. Godfried Engbersen & dr. Erik Snel

The social impact of COVID-19 in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam & the Netherlands

Financed by ZonMW

Contact persons: Prof. Dr. Godfried Engbersen & Dr. Marianne Bochove

Social dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic

Financed by ZonMW

Contact persons: Prof. Dr. Godfried Engbersen & Dr. Marianne Bochove

The social impact of COVID-19 on Rotterdam and the Netherlands

Research by Kenniswerkplaats Leefbare Wijken and RISBO

Contact persons: Prof.dr. Godfried Engbersen & Dr. Marianne van Bochove

International study on the relationship between personality traits, risk perception of COVID-19 and compliance with COVID-19 measures

Contact persons: Prof. dr. Ingmar Franken & Annelot Wismans MSc 

Vaccination intention, long-term behaviour change and career prospects among students

Contact persons: Prof. dr. Ingmar Franken & Annelot Wismans MSc 

Impact of COVID-19 on children depends on family context and character traits

Contacts: Dr. Brian Godor & Dr. Ruth van der Hallen

The effect of the coronacrisis response measures on institutional trust

Financed by NWO

Contact person: Dr. Joost Oude Groeniger

Coping, resilience and posttraumatic growth related to COVID-19

Contact person: Dr. Ruth van der Hallen

Fight or flight? When does economic threat due to COVID-19 spark protective organizational efforts?

Contact person: Tom Junker

Family functioning during coronacrisis

Contact persons: Prof. dr. Renske KeizerDr. Katrien Helmerhorst

Optimizing quantitative information about COVID-19

Contact persons: Dr. Oliver Lindemann Prof. dr. Rolf Zwaan

How do community initiatives fight rising inequality due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Contact persons: Dr. Alexander Los, Dr. Jan Fransen and Prof. dr. Jurian Edelenbos

Managing a Just Transition out of the COVID-19 crisis

Financed by NWO

Contact person: Prof. dr. Darren McCauley

The impact of COVID-19 on the way civil servants work

Contact person: Joëlle van der Meer

Sense of belonging in higher education in times of COVID-19

More info: or watch the trailer 

Contact person: Dr. Marieke Meeuwisse


Contact persons: Dr. Fiona-Katharina Seiger & Dr. Rebecca Moody

Impact of coronavirus crisis on educational perspectives – with and without an ESD intervention

Contact person: Dr. Virginie Servant-Miklos

Implications of the corona crisis for primary education in Rotterdam

Research by Kenniswerkplaats Rotterdams Talent

Contact person: drs. Tom Tudjman

Moral decision making with respect to corona interventions.

Contact person: Dr. Steven Verheyen

Using the impact of COVID-19 lockdown measures on political trust to study the nature of evaluation-based institutional trust

Contact persons: prof. dr. Jeroen van der Waaldr. Joost Oude Groenigerdr. Willem de KosterKjell Noordzij MSc

Family counseling in times of COVID-19: What contributes to an effective transition to online services?

Contact person: Dr. Joyce Weeland

Nudging hand hygiene in shopping streets

Contact person: Robert Weijers MSc

Nudging educational behavior

Contact person: Robert Weijers MSc

Mental health of students during COVID-19 crisis

Contact person: Prof dr. Matthias Wieser 

Work Disruptions and Mental Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Comparing Stressors for Employees Conducting Essential and Nonessential Work

Contact persons: Dr. Ward van Zoonen & Prof. dr. Claartje ter Hoeven

The project investigates how people acquire, comprehend, and use information related to COVID-19

Financed by NWO

Contact person: Prof.dr. Rolf Zwaan

COVID-19 International Collaboration on Social & Moral Psychology

Contact person: Prof. dr. Rolf Zwaan

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