Academic Core

In year one you will take 12 courses in total, nine of which make up the Academic Core and three are up to you to choose. The Core consists of four academic skills courses and five interdisciplinary courses. 

The Core is required for all students and is designed to impart essential academic knowledge regarding what every well educated student should know about life and society. Next to the mandatory Academic Core courses, you will be able to select three courses of your choice from this list. At the end of the first year you will be in a good position to declare you Major.

The five interdisciplinary courses look at big themes through the lens of multiple disciplines. Here is what your first year would look like:

 Quad 1Quad 2Quad 3Quad 4
Year 1Big HistoryCore EconomicsMan & SocietyModernity: From Enlightenment to Rationalisation
 Brain & BehaviourResearch Methods & DesignBasic Statistics & Introduction to SPSSProject Development: Analysing Visual Cultural Representations
 Academic Writing & PresentingFree Pick from a Multitude of CoursesFree Pick from a Multitude of CoursesFree Pick from a Multitude of Courses