The Capstone project is the accumulation of what you have learned during your liberal arts and sciences education at EUC.  

The Capstone is an individual project that should be seen as an 'aptitude test'. As a Bachelor in Science, you should be able to formulate and answer a research question or defend a claim related to your Major in a scientific way. This ability may be proven in different ways, depending on your Major. Your results will have to be collected, analysed and discussed in an academic way in the final product of your Capstone, your Capstone thesis.

The capstone is thus a research-based project that can take on different forms, depending on a student’s major and preferences. A business major might for instance be interested in doing an internship and combining it with data collection for their capstone project, whereas a life sciences major capstone could include doing research in a laboratory at the Erasmus Medical Center.

The capstone is the way for students to show that they have acquired sufficient knowledge and skills in their chosen field, and that they are confident enough to put these skills into action. While the capstone is an individual project, students are supervised by academic staff, ensuring that they have support when it’s needed.

Below you can find some titles of capstone projects written by EUC students:

  • The Childhood Vaccination Debate: A Literature Review
  • The science of consciousness - Review paper
  • Political Correctness and its Effect of Inclusion/Exclusion on Debate
  • The Urban Development of Rotterdam in Socio-Historical Context
  • To sleep or not to sleep: the role of sleep on human health
  • Influencer Marketing in the Arts: could it work?
  • Psychopathic Tendencies in World Leaders
  • The impact of the Brexit vote on stock market prices
  • Energiewende in turbulence?
  • Africa’s Last Colony - The Legal Status of the Western Sahara

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