Academic plenary lecture, film screening and discussion on transnational families, migration and media

Skyline of Rotterdam.
Thursday 7 Dec 2023, 14:30 - 18:00

Central Library Rotterdam, Hoogstraat 110 (the theatre will only be accessible via the entrance at the Hoogstraat - not via the main entrance)

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Rotterdam - Blaak - Library
Jonathan van Rijn

This learning and celebrating event includes an academic plenary lecture in the afternoon, a film screening and a roundtable discussion in the evening. It is part of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) conference on “Transnational families and media practices: methods, ethics, and critical approaches”.

First, Professor Amanda Paz Alencar (EUR) will give a plenary lecture on inequalities and migration in Europe. She will provide academic insights into the themes of the short movies by addressing the Translocal Lives project (EUR) in which she is a lead researcher and that involves participatory filmmaking by refugees.

Second, there is a screening of four short films produced along the Irish border and the Spanish-Moroccan border with visual archives and current images, followed by a roundtable discussion, connecting local, national and international insights.

An inspiring and interactive discussion

Irene Gutiérrez, award-winning filmmaker and member of the ERC-funded project Reel Borders, will reflect on her experience conducting participatory filmmaking workshops and will facilitate an inspiring and interactive discussion. She will discuss the importance of (audiovisual) representation with Ivanna Kniazevych, from Stichting Mano and Anna Strolenberg from VluchtelingenWerk Nederland. The discussion will be moderated by Professor Kevin Smets (Free University of Brussels), principal investigator of the ‘Reel Borders’ project.

The date of the event is Thursday 7 December 2023, in the afternoon and early evening. Keep an eye on the event page to not miss anything.

Amanda Paz Alencar
Amanda Paz Alencar
Kevin Smets
Kevin Smets
Irene Gutiérrez Torres
Irene Gutiérrez Torres
 Ivanna Kniazevych's face.
Ivanna Kniazevych
Anna Strolenberg of Vluchtelingenwerk.
Anna Strolenberg
More information

The Translocal Lives Research Project aims to identify the various ways in which refugee migrants use technologies to create a sense of place. It also delves into the opportunities and challenges afforded by digital responses to refugee settlement in the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Erasmus University Rotterdam is celebrating its 110th anniversary. This event is part of our 22nd lustrum. Check all our lustrum events.

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ECREA conference "Transnational families and media practices: methods, ethics and critical approaches", will take place from 7 to 9 December 2023 in Rotterdam.

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