The Act of Co-Creation

Start date

Tuesday 29 Jan 2019, 11:00

End date

Tuesday 29 Jan 2019, 12:00

Education Lab
Spoken Language

Are you curious about the philosophical background of blended learning and MOOCs or do you want to get inspired by how philosophers put co-creation into practice? CLI-fellow Tim De Mey (ESPhil) will tell you all about it.

In his 1964 book The Act of Creation, Arthur Koestler analyses human creativity in humor, science and the arts in terms of the “bisociation of matrices”. More recently, Turner and Fauconnier have further developed Koestler’s starting point into “conceptual blending” or “conceptual integration”.

In my talk, I illustrate and discuss how, even in an abstract domain like theoretical philosophy, blended learning allows for co-creation. I propose, more specifically, three co-creative projects in which students create something together with their teacher on campus, on the basis of what they’ve learned in advance from watching online lectures and discussing the issues with their peers in a (Coursera-based) international classroom.

I argue that, as a result of co-creation, (1) students not only attain a better understanding of the content, (2) they also have a learning experience that they’ll never forget, (3) they produce something creative (i.e., something new, surprising and valuable), and, most importantly, (4) their critical creative problem solving skills get fostered.

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