How to reach “hard-to-reach” groups for research

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Monday 12 Feb 2024, 14:15 - 17:00
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Hef House, Nassaukade 31, 3071 JL Rotterdam

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Lybrich Wieringa

Have you ever faced challenges in trying to reach specific groups of people in your research? For example, how do you contact migrant elderly in Rotterdam or people from rural China, or how do you best recruit Dutch participants as an international researcher? Then join our event where you can meet fellow researchers, students and Rotterdammers where we will discuss these, and more concrete questions on how to reach “hard-to-reach” groups for research.


14:15-14:30 Walk in

14:30-14:40 Welcome & short video (3 to 5 min in which a resident answers a couple of questions) 

14:40-15:00 Plenary session Labyrinth: “From hard to reach to reaching harder”

15:00-16:00 3 parallel workshops

  • “Finding the right research participants from scratch”, by Erwin van Tuijl

    The workshop guides researchers in overcoming challenges of finding participants in unfamiliar contexts, addressing issues like engaging with large overseas firms and aligning interests between funders and participants.


  • "From Research Fatigue to Reciprocity" by Seline Westerhof and Emiel Rijshouwer (Workshop will be held in Dutch)


    In Rotterdam, specific neighborhoods are frequently under examination, yet residents sometimes perceive a one-sided flow of information. In this workshop, we delve into the principle of reciprocity in research through role-playing. What do residents expect? How can researchers, and even the municipality, contribute?


  • “Toward Equity and Relevance: Why and How to reach the ‘Hard-to-reach’ populations” by Zhiqi Xu


    The workshop aims to enhance sample diversity and research openness, addressing the urgent need for ethical, tailored studies with hard-to-reach populations globally. It focuses on marginalized groups facing barriers like low literacy and limited digital access, often overlooked by traditional research methods. 

16:00-17:00 Drinks and engaging in discussions based on statements. 

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Erasmus University Rotterdam is celebrating its 110th anniversary. This event is part of our 22nd lustrum. Check all our lustrum events.

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