Sustainable Fishing: A Seaspiracy?

Lecture by Simon Bush
Wednesday 20 Oct 2021, 16:30 - 18:00
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Erasmus Paviljoen

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Microplastics in the fish on our plate? Quality certifications that are corrupt? Mass extinction of all fish? If we are led to believe the popular Netflix documentary Seaspiracy, we should immediately stop consuming anything that lives underwater. But is this really the way to save the oceans? Is there a Seaspiracy as the movie claims? Or are the makers just showing but one controversial ‘angle’?

Professor Simon Bush disagreed with the conclusions drawn in the documentary. Although it does rightfully shed light on some instances of abuse within the fishing industry; it focusses on the wrong problems. Besides, he claims that some facets are exaggerated, outdated, or even false. The suggestion to become vegan is seen as a very privileged conclusion for many people in the world. In this lecture, Professor Bush will propose an alternate solution to the real problems that are present in the fishing industry. Moreover, he will give a more nuanced view on the industry while answering the question: is sustainable fishing possible?

Professor Bush’s (Professor and Chair of the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University) main area of research focuses on the design of governance arrangements for global sustainable seafood. He is currently focusing his research on pangasius and shrimp aquaculture in Southeast Asia, and tuna fisheries in the Coral Triangle and Western Pacific.


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Date: Wednesday 20 October
Time: 16:30 – 18:00 hrs (Doors open: 16:00 hrs)
Location: Erasmus Paviljoen
Moderation: Lenya Slierendrecht
Entrance: Free, reservation recommended via our ticket shop.

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For this program we kindly ask you to show your COVID Certificate at the entrance with the CoronaCheck app. Please visit this page for all applicable corona measures at the Erasmus University.

This lecture is organized by Studium Generale and the Sustainability Hub.

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