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Global Markets, Local Creativities (GLOCAL)

5 Reasons to Study GLOCAL

Range of educational backgrounds are accepted

The degree is ideal for students with social science, humanities, language, arts and liberal arts backgrounds as it stresses a qualitative-historical, holistic analysis of globalisation and localisation processes at the intersection of history, economics, business and cultural studies.

Internships and practical experience

A variety of internships from industry, government, and non-profit placements are available to students in Barcelona, Rotterdam or Göttingen to enhance their learning experience.

International Experience and Language Skills Development

Students will have the opportunity to study at a minimum of three of the four partner universities so as to deepen their cultural intelligence and language skills. Language training in a third language over the four semesters is encouraged.

Specialist Master Classes from Associate Partners

Associate partners from around the world will provide specialist master classes and guest lectures, and make contributions to, or host, the annual summer school that will rotate among our affiliated universities.

Theoretical Grounding in International Business and Global Economy

Students will receive theoretical grounding in international business and the global economy, but will be encouraged to think about global trends from a "local" perspective by thinking about how individuals, firms, cities, regions, and nations remain creative, innovative and competitive in a sustainable way.

What's GLOCAL?

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