Peter Wakker and Vitalie Spinu win Publication Award for the best decision analysis paper or book published in 2014

In 2014, Professor Peter Wakker, together with Assistant Professor Vitalie Spinu and Amit Kothiyal, researcher at Max Planck Institute for Human Development, wrote Average Utility Maximization: A Preference Foundation. Later this year, the researchers will receive the Publication Award for the best decision analysis paper or book published in 2014 from INFORMS Decision Analysis Society (DAS). INFORMS is the largest professional society in the world for professionals in the fields of operations research, management science, and analytics.

The award will be handed to the authors at the Decision Analysis Society’s Awards Session at the INFORMS Annual Meeting to be held in Nashville, Tennessee, 14 November 2016.

Prof. Peter Wakker
Peter Wakker is world renowned and therefore an important figurehead of Erasmus School of Economics. Professor Wakker has written almost 150 articles and is among the most cited economists in the world. What is particularly interesting is that his work moves into various disciplines, such as economics, mathematics, psychology, management and medicine. Peter Wakker has received a wide range of prestigious distinctions, such as the Ramsey Award, the Medical Decision Making Career Achievement Award and more recently (May 2016), Prof. Peter Wakker received an honorary doctorate from the University St. Gallen for his contributions to the field of behavioral economics.

Vitalie Spinu
Vitalie Spinu is a part-time Assistant Professor in Behavioral Economics at Erasmus School of Economics. He is working on modelling human behavior under risk and uncertainty in the context of behavioral finance. He is also a freelance data scientist and has developed and deployed models in a variety of domains such as fraud detection, churn prediction, audio diarization, recommender systems, behavioural search engines and semantic document clustering.

Amit Kothiyal
Amit Kothiyal is a researcher at Max Planck Institute for Human Development.

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