prof.dr. (Claartje) CL ter Hoeven

prof.dr. (Claartje) CL ter Hoeven
Full professor Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Organizational Dynamics in the Digital Society
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Professor ter Hoeven is the scientific director and coordinator of the interdisciplinary master and research program ‘Organizational Dynamics in the Digital Society’. Her scholarly interests encompass constant connectivity, digital labor, algorithmic management, and worker’s well-being. Currently, her teaching and research focuses on how digital technologies reconfigure work for different people in different types of work. In 2020 she received an ERC consolidator grant for the project ‘The Ghostworker’s Well-being: An Integrative Framework’ on the work conditions and well-being of online platform workers in Europe. She is part of the steering committee of the 4th Erasmus Initiative ‘Societal Impact of AI’, specifically focusing on the theme AI in work and labor. Together with the municipality of Rotterdam and colleagues from Public Administration and Organizational Psychology, she is involved in the Knowledge Lab “Organizations in a Smart City”. Furthermore, she is member of the executive board of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for BOLD Cities, which uses big data research to help find solutions for urban problems.

Research interests: Digital labor, algorithmic management, remote work, worker’s well-being

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  • Claartje Hoeven & JWM Verhoeven (2013) - Waarden aan het werk - Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Commerciële Communicatie
  • Claartje Hoeven (2009) - Sick Notes. Multiple life domains associated with sickness-related absence - Dissertation University of Twente
  • Victor Bekkers, H van Duivenboden, R Feenstra, V Frissen, Jos Mul, A Ponsioen, M de Rooij, Claartje Hoeven, M Thaens, A van Venrooy, A van Wamelen & S Zouridis (2004) - De buurt in het web; het web in de buurt/ Een ICT-kanskaart sociale cohesie - Lemma

  • A Peper, Claartje Hoeven & J Dikkers (2011) - Work-life integration among consultants: Work-related and personal factors associated with sickness absence - In IPOB, The future of knowledge-intensive service work. Theory and practice of managing human and organizational resources - Metropolis Verlag

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