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  • (Arnout) AB Boot MSc

    (Arnout) AB Boot MSc

  • prof.dr. (Katinka) K Dijkstra

    prof.dr. (Katinka) K Dijkstra

    Katinka Dijkstra is an associate professor at the Departmen of Psychology, Education and Child Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research focuses on…
  • dr. (Jiska) JM Engelbert

    dr. (Jiska) JM Engelbert

    Jiska Engelbert (PhD, Aberystwyth 2009) is Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Communication and the Erasmus Research Centre for Media…
  • dr. (Liselotte) L Gootjes

    dr. (Liselotte) L Gootjes

    Laterality and Asymmetry between the hemisphere; studied in relation to: - connectivity within the brain as examined with MEG and EEG - dichotic listening and…
  • prof.dr. (Gabriele) G Jacobs

    prof.dr. (Gabriele) G Jacobs

    *Gabriele Jacobs is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Culture at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (ESSB) and Dean of the Erasmus…
  • prof.dr. (Diane) HAEM Pecher

    prof.dr. (Diane) HAEM Pecher

    See our lab website for research activities.
  • prof.dr. (Jan) JW van Strien

    prof.dr. (Jan) JW van Strien

    EEG, memory, and emotions Early Posterior Negativity (EPN) EPN and phylogenetic threat Emotion and aging Hormones and cognition Handedness (Dutch…
  • dr. (Steven) SKA Verheyen

    dr. (Steven) SKA Verheyen

    Steven Verheyen is an Assistant Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Prior to working at Erasmus…
  • dr. (Rene) R Zeelenberg

    dr. (Rene) R Zeelenberg

  • prof.dr. (Rolf) RA Zwaan

    prof.dr. (Rolf) RA Zwaan

    Rolf Zwaan is professor of Biological and Cognitive Psychology at the Institute of Psychology of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and Chair of the Brain and…