Presenting with Impact

Je leert het tijdens deze tweedaagse training

Imagine this: you are going to give a presentation. How do you decide what you want to say, and then how do you shape an impactful and memorable presentation? And once you are in front of a group, how do you make sure you get your message across in the best possible way?

During the two-day training course 'Presenting with impact', you learn to design an effective and inspiring presentation, which you convey with confidence to your audience. You will regularly be in front of the group to practice your presentation skills and learn how to communicate your message powerfully. By the end of the training, your presentation skills will have had a major boost!

Objective and result:

After this training.

  • You have learnt how to use verbal, non-verbal and paralingual communication (voice, speaking pace, intonation and pauses) to present more powerfully.
  • You have gained insight into your own body language and voice use and know how to influence this.
  • You have experimented with different ways to design and structure an impactful presentation. You will also know how to give a more effective presentation with less preparation time.
  • You have practiced 'presenting in the moment' and know how to turn nerves into healthy tension.
  • You know how to grab and keep your audience's attention.

Practical information

Date:To be determined.
Times:09.00 - 17.00 hours
Duration:2 days
Location:EUR Woudestein
Costs:€ 575 per participant
Funding:Want to make use of your personal career budget? Make sure you submit your application to our colleagues on time.  Read more here.
If you would like to make use of your departmental budget, you can request the budget number from your manager.
Other:For this training course, you will receive a certificate with a minimum participation of 80%.


During the two-day Presenting with Impact training course, you will be given a variety of tools, strategies and exercises to improve your presentation skills in four modules.

Day 1

The first day lays a powerful foundation for an impactful presentation. In the morning, you gain insight into the different forms of communication that are important during a presentation. This includes attention to body language and use of voice. You will learn which buttons to turn in order to optimally communicate your message. In the afternoon, you start designing a presentation. You learn how to prepare an effective, clear presentation in a short time, and experiment with different ways of structuring a presentation.

Day 2

The second day is all about confidence, tension and interaction. In the morning, you will learn how to be more relaxed and confident in front of the group. You practice presenting in the moment and experience how it feels to let go of control. In the afternoon, you learn how to grab and keep your audience's attention. You learn to optimise the tension curve of your presentation, including through the use of audience interaction.


This course is designed for professionals who want to boost their presentation skills, both professional services and academic staff.

Communicating & influencing: presentation, communication (verbal, non-verbal and paralingual), persuasion

Analysing & devising: conceptual ability


The training will be delivered by Michelle Verheij.

After completing her Master's in Public International Law, Michelle Verheij worked for many years in various positions in a variety of organisations. In 2022, she founded Theatre Trainer and started working full-time as a trainer, facilitator and theatre maker. She now has extensive experience in designing and delivering workshops and trainings on all kinds of topics, including (work) happiness, public speaking and creativity in the workplace. Besides working as a trainer and facilitator, Michelle is also a theatre maker, studying part-time at the Toneelacademie Maastricht.

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