Junxi Ke

Being in this master programme, you will get the trending topics and challenges that you would probably face in the industry.

Master Media & Business

Master Media & Business Alumnus

Why did you choose the Master Media & Business?

Having earned a bachelor degree from a journalism school and with experiences in the media industry, I have always wanted to take my knowledge of media to another level. The master of Media & Business provides a perfect platform which enabled me to pursuit a higher education in media studies, and develop a strong business mindset. I probably wouldn’t say it was predominantly a choice for a specific career path, but I am glad it eventually inspired me to dive into a career doing what I love to do.

Another reason that brought me here was that I spent one year (2013-2014) studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam as an international exchange student. That experience opened up the world to me, and I happened to be in the same faculty as the master of Media & Business. I used to describe my time being an exchange student here as ‘once in a life time’, so I was thrilled to be able to come back for a master degree.

How would you describe this master programme?

This master programme caters more than just the needs of advanced media studies, it also empowers students who want to elevate their media knowledge to work in corporate environment. Being in this master programme, you will get more than the up-to-date academic knowledge, but also the trending topics and challenges that you would probably face in the industry.

For which organisation are you currently employed and what is your job title?

I am currently working at FrieslandCampina HQ as Marketing Communication Specialist.

What main tasks do you perform?

Responsible for global digital media strategy, and B2B content marketing.

What was important in making up your mind about your career?

Intuition, listen to yourself if this is the job that you would be happy to go to every single morning. Also the career prospective, if this is the job that you see yourself being strong at, being progressive at.

Is there a connection between what you have learned in Media & Business and your work? If so, how would you describe this?

Yes, there is a connection. I would describe it as me being a media professional also knowing the drills of marketing/business operations. And a large part of it came from my studies in the Media & Business programme.

Do you have anything to add?

My story with Erasmus University is about coming back but also is about moving forward. I am grateful that I got to know this university, not only did it welcome me to pursuit my dream, but also taught me the one most important philosophy that I am trying to live up to every day: make it happen.

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