Personal Leadership Managing your own performance

When ‘more of the same’ doesn’t do the trick, which alternate approaches could you take?

Sometimes, you come across issues in the course of your work that you are unable to resolve by referring to your existing professional expertise or the experience you have amassed over the years. They may be problems that crop up for the first time. But they can just as easily be familiar patterns, involving issues that remain as difficult today as the first time you encountered them. How can you effectively handle your personal expectations and those of others? Which aspects touch you personally? Which patterns have you developed over time, and how can you break them?

In this training, we will be inviting you to identify and examine your individual aptitudes, ambitions and limitations. We will be connecting these aspects to your personal learning objectives and professional challenges. In addition, we will give you tools that enable you to gain a sure footing in your personal strengths. This will allow you to remain flexible in your work and experience as little stress as possible dealing with any matters you should decide to take on. 

Practical information


At the moment there are no dates available, please contact TOP if you are interested.

(This course is in Dutch)

Times:Day 1 & 2: 9.00 - 17.00 
Day 3: 9.00 - 12.00
Duration:  2 ,5 days 
Location:EUR Woudestein
Costs:  €700


  • In this training you`ll:

    • Learn how to effectively cope with pressure and stress
    • Learn how to set your boundaries more effectively
    • Expand your change and development options and broaden your behavioural repertoire
    • Learn how to draw attention to your ideas more effectively
    • Increase your influence
    • Gain new insight into your personal strengths, ambitions and limitations

    Your personal learning needs play a central role in this training. At the beginning of the training programme, we will ask you to formulate your primary learning objective. At the close of the training, we will determine how you can consolidate the insights gained during the programme in practice.

  • The website offers access to various accompanying exercises, questionnaires and links to further information.

  • Personal effectiveness: self-reflection, stress management, flexibility in actions

    Realisation & Evaluation: Results orientation

  • The training will be held by Peter van Biemen of BMC Advies.

  • The training is intended for both support and management staff and academic staff.