Personal leadership

To take charge over your life it is important to have a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. Therefore, we do not only focus on thinking, but we also take a look at your lifestyle. We use scientifically based methods and knowledge, so we can go to a deeper level without over going to psychological or vague. Core focus, pragmatic, and with humor. 

The term Personal Leadership entails that you take control of your own (work) life. This demand a few conditions at baselevel:

  1.  Every now and then you take some time to stand still and observe your life (self reflection)
  2. You are capable of acknowledging your emotions and thoughts to their full extent (without being taken over by them)
  3. You know what your values are (and when you are drifting away from them)
  4. You dare to make choices in your behavior based on the beforementioned insights (even if that is outside of your comfort zone)
  5. You are psychologically and physically vital enough to make choices. 

Due to this training being offered in Dutch, more information can be found on this page: Persoonlijk Leiderschap

Practical information


Spring edition: 19 February, 4 & 13 March 2024
Autumn edition: 24 September, 14 October & 12 November 2024



Duration:  3 x 6 hours 
Location:This training will be held offline. The exact location will be communicated.
Costs:  € 1.500,--
Other:You will receive a certificate after a participation of at least 80%.

The training will be held by Iris Bergwerff who is an occupational and health psychologist. She believed in the power of prevention and strives to create healthy employees. 

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