Embracing the data challenge
Research Network Event

Research Network Event - Embracing the data challenge


maandag 10 dec 2018, 15:00


maandag 10 dec 2018, 18:00

Erasmus Paviljoen Theater

De voertaal van dit event is Engels. 

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Be inspired by three researchers as they share their data challenges and how they master them. Learn from their best practices and share your experience with your colleagues during drinks. 

As a researcher or research supporter, you deal with research data on a daily basis. Data management is, with an explosion of the amount of data, regulations and collaboration partners, set against a climate that's more challenging than ever. Together we are responsible for carefully and safely collecting, using and sharing research data. 


14.30Welcome coffee

Collecting and managing sensitive data on young people and sexuality - dr. Samira van Bohemen

While ethic data collection is a high priority, not many stories are shared amongst academics about the safe and responsible management of those data once gathered. Samira van Bohemen aims to break the silence and share some best practices related to a study about young people and good sex.   


How to do research in Big consortia - prof.dr. Antoinette de Bont

In her presentation Antoinette de Bont will sketch the rise of big research consortia in health sciences. Based upon the experiences of Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM) with H2020 projects she will describe the pro’s and cons of doing research in European Consortia. In addition, she will share the lessons ESHPM learned to do research on Big consortia.


Transparent and reproducible data science in R - dr. Loek Brinkman

State-of-the-art analyses and statistics, awesome data visualisations, transparent and reproducible workflows, open source software. This and more can be yours by using R for your data analyses. Loek Brinkman will give you a glossary and a practical introduction to R. 

16.40Short introduction to Erasmus Research Services
16.50Networking & Drinks


Key speakers

  • Samira van Bohemen

    dr. Samira van Bohemen

    Samira is a cultural sociologist and postdoctoral researcher at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Her research interests revolve around questions of identity politics with a special focus on the social implications and ramifications of pleasure: how pleasure creates but also challenges social inequalities. Currently she is working on a project about young people and ‘good’ sex, for which she studies how young people define and practice sexuality in a broad sense in different public contexts. For more information: https://www.egsh.eur.nl/people/samira-bohemen

  • prof.dr. Antoinette de Bont

    Antoinette is an endowed professor of sociology in innovation of health care. Her research focuses on the impact of new technologies on the role of policy makers, managers and professionals in health care. She is involved in several national and European research consortia, such as Medical Delta (www.medicaldelta.nl) and Bigmedilytics (www.bigmedilytics.eu). She holds a master of health sciences from the University of Maastricht and wrote a doctoral thesis about the role of databases in health policy. In 2010 she was a Harkness fellow at Kaiser Permanente in the United States. She is the former director of research of Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM). In 2018, she became the director of studies of ESHPM. For more information: https://www.eur.nl/people/antoinette-de-bont.

  • Loek Brinkman

    dr. Loek Brinkman

    Loek is a lecturer at the department of Social Psychology at Utrecht University. He teaches the neural mechanism of perception, programming in R, and open science skills. His current research focuses on the replication of seminal findings in social neuroscience, using EEG. His previous research focused on mental representations and the role they play in perception and action. Together with Anita Eerland, Loek is leading the Open Science Community Utrecht, to promote open science practices amongst researchers. For more information: 






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