Researcher profielen

  • (Ezgi) E Aktug, MSc

    (Ezgi) E Aktug, MSc
  • dr. (Hakan) MH Akyuz

    dr. (Hakan) MH Akyuz
  • dr. (Maiwenn) MJ Al

    Maiwenn Al obtained her Master degree in Mathematics at Leiden University in 1991. Since 1992 she has been working at the institute for Medical Technology…
    dr. (Maiwenn) MJ Al
  • (Ghassan) G Al Aboud

    (Ghassan) G Al Aboud
  • (Zamzam) Z Al Baz

    (Zamzam) Z Al Baz
  • (Saba) S Al Kuntar, MA

      Saba Al Kuntar is a Syrian PhD Candidate at the International Institute of Social Studies ( ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She…
    (Saba) S Al Kuntar, MA
  • (Jacob) JP Alabab-Moser

    (Jacob) JP Alabab-Moser
  • dr. (Taslim) TA Alade

    Taslim is a lecturer at the Business-Society Management Department at RSM. In addition to his teaching, he is the coordinator of the I DO course and…
    dr. (Taslim) TA Alade
  • mr. (Seyma) S Alatag

    mr. (Seyma) S Alatag
  • dr. (Adria) A Albareda Sanz

    dr. (Adria) A Albareda Sanz

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