Researcher profielen

  • (Miheer) MP Agnihotri

    (Miheer) MP Agnihotri
  • (Daniel) D Aguilar Vinas, MSc

    (Daniel) D Aguilar Vinas, MSc
  • (Kees) CTB Ahaus (Kees) CTB Ahaus
  • dr. (Mustafa) M Ahci

    Mustafa joined Rotterdam School of Management in 2023 as an Assistant Professor of Accounting. He obtained his PhD degree from Tilburg University. During his…
    dr. (Mustafa) M Ahci
  • (Aysenur) A Ahsen

    (Aysenur) A Ahsen
  • dr. (Siobhan) SF Airey

    dr. (Siobhan) SF Airey
  • bc. (Irem) SI Akin

    Akin is currently a PhD Researcher at Erasmus University. She is employed under the national research initiative “Rebalancing Public & Private Interests”…
    bc. (Irem) SI Akin
  • mr. (Sam) S van den Akker

    mr. (Sam) S van den Akker
  • dr. (Robin) R van den Akker

    **Robin van den Akker is Senior Lecturer Continental Philosophy and Cultural Studies in, and academic program coordinator of, the Humanities Department of…
    dr. (Robin) R van den Akker
  • (Nada) N Akrouh, MSc

    (Nada) N Akrouh, MSc

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