FAQ for prospective CSC PhD

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The China Scholarship Council (CSC) is a Chinese governmental organization that grants scholarships for Chinese students that go abroad each year. This includes Chinese students who want to apply for a PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The CSC contract involves scholarships for PhD students lasting for a period of 48 months.

The costs of a round-trip flight and an additional amount of € 1350,- for monthly room rental and living expenses are paid entirely by the CSC. Only in exceptional circumstances and prior permission, PhD's can receive an additional amount to cover expenses or have additional costs reimbursed, by their faculty or their supervisor.

The candidate is required to enclose the CV of his/her promoter with the submission. This will give the candidate an impression of the research and the promoter. The CV needs to contain the following:

  • Research projects of the last 5 years;
  • List of publications of the last 5 years;
  • The university/institute the promoter is attached to.

The candidate is asked to submit a research proposal upon application for a PhD position in order for professors to exanimate the writing skills.

The candidate needs to submit a research proposal (min. 1000 words) when applying for CSC scholarship, which needs to be signed by the promoter at EUR.

The proposal needs to contain the followings:

  • The title of the PhD research
  • Description of the research
  • Previous research results of the candidate in China
  • Goal and expectations regarding the research in abroad
  • Research methods
  • Timetable for the research
  • Expected applicability of the research

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