EUR Sustainable Faculty 

NameArea of expertise/interest 
Flor AvelinoGovernance of sustainability transitionsMore>>
PJ BeersSocial learning, transition, sustainabilityMore>>
Rick BosmanTransitions in Dutch energy systems and sustainabilityMore>>
Josee van EijndhovenBiotechnology, science and technologyMore>>
Niki FrantzeskakiSustainability transitions and socio-ecological resilience in urban areasMore>>
Katharina HölscherGovernance of sustainability transitionsMore>>
Marleen LodderSustainable (Urban)Area Development and Cradle to Cradle®More>>
Derk LoorbachTransition managementMore>>
Marijke de PousCoordinator of the Transition AcademyMore>>
Antonia ProkaEnergy transition, stakeholder dialogue, smart energy business modelsMore>>
Roel van RaakConnecting transition modeling to transition management and applying theory to the (policy) practiceMore>>
Chris RoordaRegional and urban transitions towards sustainable development, energy transition in the built environment, and innovative participation approaches (self-organization on local scale)More>>
Jan RotmansClimate change & global change modelling, sustainable development, and transitions and system innovationsMore>>
Frederic Sanders(International) Corporate Social Responsibility, Business TransitionsMore>>
Felix SpiraScaling the impact of urban transition initiatives, sustainability in higher educationMore>>
Frank van SteenbergenSocial and local dynamics within sustainability transitionsMore>>
Marieke VerhagenTransition managementMore>>
Julia WittmayerSocial Innovation, Transition MonitoringMore>>