EUR Sustainable Faculty

NameArea of expertise/interest
Murat ArselPolitical economy and social theory, particularly regarding the interface between capitalism and nature-society relationships in rapidly developing societies
Saturnino (Jun) BorrasAgrarian political economy and political sociology (and include: land politics and policies, (trans)national agrarian movements, NGOs and civil society, food policies and politics, forestry, agricultural development and trade, rural livelihoods, state-society interactions in rural development, rural conflict and development, plantation workers, biofuels and global land grabbing, 'land-energy-food sovereignty' – internationally, but with special regional interests on Southeast Asia, China, Southern Africa, and Southern America, and on international institutional 'spaces' of state- society interactions
Des GasperDevelopment theory and development ethics: public policy analysis, including policy argumentation, evaluation, 'logical framework analysis', methodologies of policy analysis, and southern Africa
Wendy HarcourtSexual and reproductive rights, environment, globalization and development from a gender perspective
Carol HunsbergerRural development, environment and population studies: The social and environmental outcomes of biofuel production and trade, in particular linking to large-scale land deals and the changing roles of BRICS and middle-income countries
Hans OpschoorEnvironmental and ecological economics
Lorenzo PellegriniSources of corruption, effects of corruption on environmental policies and economic development, institutional determinants of long-run economic development, institutional settings and collective action in environmental management, natural resources dependency and poverty
Mohamed SalihDevelopment, sustainable development, theories and applications of governance, conflict studies, political institutions (parliaments, political parties) and democracy-development interfaces (particulary in Africa and Middle East)
Max SpoorTransition and development: rural poverty, inequality, social exclusion, inclusive growth and environmental sustainability in developing and transition economies