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Bachelor International Business Administration

Student life at RSM is lively, cosmopolitan and multicultural. That’s why students from all over the world think it’s a great place to study. You can enjoy the full range of activities at RSM and the university, from concerts and sports events to full-scale professional conferences attended by captains of international industry.

To learn more about studying at RSM, visit our website. You can also talk to a current student, or check out our Instagram which has frequent student take-overs so you can see what it’s like first-hand to be an RSM student.

For information on the life of an International Business Administration student, visit the RSM website: Studying at RSM.

"When I first arrived at RSM, I was immediately captured by the vivid and ambitious mindset. My tip for you is to never stop looking for new and challenging ideas from people with different backgrounds and perspectives."

Hans van Beek, Dutch
BSc International Business Administration

"What surprised me the most when I just came to RSM was the diversity of the people I interacted with on a daily basis. I knew the school focuses on the international aspect of the IBA programme, but I did not imagine it would be to this extent."

Nabil Aich, Moroccan
BSc International Business Administration

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