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What is studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) like? What kind of facilities are available on campus?These might be questions that come to mind whilst debating whether or not studying at our university is something for you.

Let us help you by providing you with helpful and practical information.

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) consists of different faculties. These faculties together offer a wide variety of study programmes. Of course, this will bring up the question:

  • Which faculty offers the subjects that interest you?

By selecting the 'Discipline' that speaks to you on the study programme page (bachelor and master), you'll get a perfect overview of everything that's available.

Found something you like? Then check our partner universities, to make sure your own university has an exchange agreement with EUR. 

As you might know, international university rankings give the possibility to compare Erasmus University Rotterdam with other higher education institutions worldwide. Each ranking uses different methods and weighting factors.

Rankings can be used to monitor how different institutions are performing in, for example, teaching and researching. We are pleased to show that Erasmus University Rotterdam occupies high positions in a number of global rankings! For more information: the specifics are all here.

Did you know that Erasmus University Rotterdam has campuses on five different locations?

Make sure to explore our Woudestein campus in our Virtual Experience to definitely get excited for coming here, and also read up on the other locations so you can get all the answers right whenever we quiz you. 

When you come to the Netherlands to study, many things will, as you would expect, be different from those in your home country. Climate, lifestyle, traffic, food and religion for example, but you might also find that the Dutch grading system differs from the system you are used to.

To help you know what to expect, we've elaborated on two items specifically:

Also: have a look at our classrooms in real life, through our Virtual Experience!

Rotterdam: the second biggest city in the Netherlands, dynamic, multicultural and very well-connected to the rest of Europe and further destinations. Don’t just take our word for it: Rotterdam is acknowledged as one of the top cities in the world by the likes of The New York Times and Rough Guides.

The Erasmus University Rotterdam fits right into the dynamic atmosphere of the city. With unique campuses, various student associations and possibilities to engage in sports or cultural activities next to studying. We're actually pretty happy that Rotterdam is our hometown. But we also understand that us saying so doesn't particularly help you.

So, see for yourself in our Virtual Experience.

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