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Management of International Social Challenges

After graduating you receive a bachelor of Science in Public Administration degree. This degree provides you with an excellent foundation to pursue a master degree in Public Administration or a related field at Erasmus University Rotterdam or elsewhere.

At Erasmus University Rotterdam we offer various specialisations within the master programmes in Sociology and Public Administration that are perfect addition to the Management of International Social Challenges Bachelor programme.

Related master programmes

  • Digitalisation in Work and Society

    If you’re interested in how digital technologies might reshape how we work, organise, and govern, this new, multidisciplinary master track is the right fit for…
  • Engaging Public Issues

    If you're interested in how algorithms can be racist, how your smartphone is a political object, this master programme (MSc) is for you
  • Governance of Migration and Diversity - Public Administration

    Master Governance of Migration and Diversity - Public Administration: A specific focus on policies, politics and governments at various levels: Read more.
  • Governance of Migration and Diversity - Sociology

    Master in Governance of Migration and Diversity – Sociology: This study focuses on sociological theories and research about the drivers of migration.
  • International Public Management and Policy

    Master in International Public Management and Policy: This study focuses on the increasingly international nature of public management and policy-making.
  • Politics and Society

    Master in Politics and Society: Understanding the causes and consequences of massive changes in the relationship between politics and society.
  • Public Administration and Organisational Science

    Do you want to become able to help governments better solve societal problems like climate, migration and digitalisation?
  • Social Inequalities

    Why are social divisions in society increasing? Are you interested in knowing how welfare policies can help to reduce social inequality? Then this is your MSc!
  • Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts

    Get in-depth, internationally focused, social-scientific training and study key issues in media, arts and society.
  • Urban Governance

    Do you wonder what role cities play in discovering answers to social issues such as poverty, climate change, health, unemployment, and terrorism?

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