Management of International Social Challenges

Our application deadline is April 1st 

How to apply?

Prior to starting the application procedure, please check if you are eligible for admission. If you are ready to apply, please follow the application procedure below.
We open for applications in October and the application deadline is April 1, 23:59 CET but we advise you to apply as early as possible.

Step-by-Step application

Click here for a video that explains the application procedure in a few minutes.

Step 1: Register for the programme in Studielink.
Studielink is the national database for registering for a study programme in the Netherlands.

  • If you have obtained or will obtain an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma in The Netherlands, you should register as NON-DUTCH prior education.
  • Please do not register with an outlook; live or hotmail e-mail address as our e-mails often get spammed.

Step 2: Upload the required documents (see below) in the EUR Admissions Portal.

  • After registration in Studielink, you will receive an e-mail with the subject “Follow up to your Studielink application”. This e-mail contains a link to the EUR Admissions Portal.
  • You need to login to the Admissions Portal with your login details (the ERNA details). These details are sent to you by e-mail after registering in Studielink.

Required documents

The following documents (in pdf) are requested during the application process.

  • A scan of the personal data page of your passport/ ID card and (if applicable) residence permit.
  • Please upload scans of both sides of your ID card and/or residence permit).
  • Please know that the document(s) must be valid and a driver’s license will not be accepted.


  • If you have not yet completed your high school education, please include a statement of your high school counselor by using the template.
  • Always upload your secondary school diploma, also if you have already obtained a bachelor or master’s degree. Include the diploma(s) of your other degree(s) as well.

Please note that if the original documents are in a language other than English, Dutch, French or German you need to provide both the copies of originals as well as official (certified) translations. Self-made translations will not be accepted.

Please read the information below carefully. Please upload:

  • The most recent grade list of your current and final high school year;
  • The final grade list of your secondary school education, if you have already obtained your high school diploma (also if you have already obtained a bachelor or master’s degree. Upload the documents of your degree(s) as additional documents);
  • The final grade list of your secondary school education if you apply with a HBO propedeuse (first year certificate) but have not obtained your propedeuse yet. Please also upload a Study Progress Overview of your HBO programme;
  • The final grade list of your HBO propedeuse if you have obtained your HBO propedeuse;
  • If you have not obtained your (secondary school or HBO propedeuse) diploma yet, please upload a diploma statement, signed by your school counselor by using the template;
  • Your GCSE certificates if you have obtained GCSE’s.

Please note that if the original documents are in a language other than English, Dutch, French or German you need to provide both the copies of originals as well as official (certified) translations. Self-made translations will not be accepted.


  • Please upload a grade list, certificate or statement (visit this page to see what applies to you) if you meet our language requirements.
  • Please upload language test results if you do not meet our language requirements and you have taken a language test. Please consult our language requirements to see what tests and scores we accept.

Please note it is not possible to submit language test results after the application deadline

Please find more information here.

Your CV has to be in English and a maximum of 2 A4 pages.

Please find more information here.
Your motivation has to be in English and a maximum of 1 A4 page.

Apart from the above documents that are mandatory in the course of application you may upload a maximum of 3 additional documents that you think might contribute to your profile

What happens after application?

After you have submitted your application, the process of assessing your application starts.

First, Admissions Office checks if your application is complete and if you are eligible based on your educational background. Within ten working days (assuming that there are no holidays in between), you will hear from us. This can be a message saying that your application is complete and that it is forwarded to the Admissions Board for evaluation. If your application is incomplete, we will contact you to request additional documents. 


Once your application is complete, your application is forwarded to the Admissions Board. The Admissions Board will assess your application against the pool of applicants. Based on your complete file (your average grade, English proficiency, motivation letter, extracurricular/international experience etc.) the Admissions Board will determine if you are a good match for our programme. We have a rolling admissions policy. This means that you will be receive an e-mail as soon as the outcome of the assessment is known. Please note that it might take up to 6 weeks starting from the moment that your application is deemed complete. The outcome can be that you are selected for our programme; denied for the programme; or placed on the waiting list.


Due to the many factors involved in the admissions decision-making process, the Admission Board does not elaborate on their motivation for the outcome of the decision. We kindly ask you to respect this. Thank you for your understanding!

Certified copies of documents

If you are selected for the programme, you will be asked to send certified copies of your documents per post. Please calculate the time necessary for obtaining such documents and, if applicable, their translations. This might take a while. Read more about sending original copies of your documents on our website.

Change of contact information

If your personal or contact details (e-mail address, home address etc.) should change, please contact the ESSC or make sure to adjust them in Studielink.

Finalize your admission and enrolment

After we have assessed your application and decided to select you for the programme, the process of completing your admission and enrolment starts. Besides sending the certified copies of your documents, there are several other matters to consider during this process. For more information about finalizing your admission and enrolment, visit the pages for admitted students and regarding your registration.


If you have any more questions, please find our list with FAQ’s that might be helpful here.

If you have not completed your bachelor degree yet but expect to do so before mid-August, please upload a most recent copy of your academic record(s) (grade list) to the application and provide a statement of your school with the date you expect to fulfil all requirements necessary for graduation. The statement by your school should include the name of your diploma in the original language and be written in English, German, Dutch or be accompanied by a certified translation in one of these languages.

Until we have your documents you might receive a conditional offer, which might become unconditional if we receive the missing documents (diploma and final transcript of academic record(s)) before the beginning of the academic year.

The academic year runs from September 1 until August 31. Applications should reach us by April 1 of the calendar year in which you wish to start your studies on September 1, but we advise you to apply as early as possible. 

The application for the academic year starting in September opens as of October of the previous calendar year.

A certified copy is a copy of a filed document, legal or other, which contains a seal and a signature that establishes that the document is genuine, a true copy. A document may be certified by an official authorised person (a university, a notary, a sworn translator etc.). Applicants with Dutch prior education do not have to send us certified copies, we are able to verify your previous education online.

No, it is not mandatory. You may add the letter as an additional evidence if you believe it might contribute to your profile.  

    An official translation is normally done by a registered sworn translator normally associated with a notary. Alternatively, an institution issuing the respective document may be rightful to issue official translations. Please note that you must send a copy of the documents in the original language along with the translation.

    Please read more on the procedure after application on the application page.

      An interview is not a part of our standard admissions process. 

        Please know that we receive more applications than we have places available. Therefore, all applications are subject to our selection process and every application is assessed against the pool of applicants. Based on the documents in your application, the Admission Board decides if you are a good match for our programme. Admission is therefore not guaranteed. After the Admission Board has assessed your application, you can be accepted, denied or placed on the waiting list.

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