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Management of International Social Challenges

In bachelor year three you can opt to do an internship, go on exchange or follow a minor, without delaying your studies.

Studying abroad

Studying abroad is a unique opportunity for personal development and getting to know other societies. It also allows you to compare different educational and academic cultures. We therefore encourage you to study outside the Netherlands in your third year.

Studying at one of our (exchange) partner universities will be a wonderful experience that does not need to be complicated or expensive, nor delay your studies. Students from our programme can for example go on exchange to universities in Japan, France, United States, Canada, Italy or South Korea.


If you opt for an internship you will gain a lot of valuable knowledge and experience. You will, among others, experience managing social challenges up close and learn to apply the theory and skills you have learned in practice. You are, however, responsible for arranging the internship yourself. You can do the internship at an international public sector organisation in the Netherlands or abroad. For example at an embassy, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the United Nations or international NGOs, such as Doctors without Borders, Amnesty International or Greenpeace.


Each year, Erasmus University Rotterdam offers almost 50 minors taught in English. This includes nearly 40 broadening minors and several deepening minors. Students from the Management of International Social Challenges programme can opt this year, for example, to do a Criminology, Healthcare Management, Computer Science, Port Management and Maritime Logistics, Arts and Culture Studies, Entrepreneurship or Organisational Psychology minor.

The Erasmus University also offers a range of joint, multidisciplinary minors together with TU Delft and Leiden University, which allows you to experience what it is like to study at other universities in the Netherlands.

Read more about the minors offered at the Erasmus University Rotterdam here

Erasmus Honours Programme

Besides the regular programmes, the EUR annually offers two exclusive programmes to talented bachelor students. The Erasmus Honours Programme enables excellent students to encounter fascinating and current themes from other fields of study in the Grand Challenges and Over Grenzen (Dutch) programme. Renowned scholars from several disciplines challenge honours students to look beyond the boundaries of their own field. Read more about the Erasmus honours programme here. Besides the Erasmus Honours Programme, the ESSB also has their own honours class which enables 75 excellent students to amongst others gain experience with conducting research under supervision of an ESSB faculty.

Study association

Cedo Nulli: I yield to no one

This is a famous saying of Desiderius Erasmus and the name of the study association of the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Cedo Nulli organises activities in both Dutch and English, such as lectures, workshops, conferences, a study trip and of course parties and drinks and each year Cedo Nulli participates on behalf of the Erasmus University Rotterdam in National Model United Nations New York conference. You can also attend our study groups for free if you are a member. Furthermore, it is also possible to become an active member or board member and gain organizational and managerial experience.

See Cedo Nulli for more information.

Photo: NMUN Delegation 2022 in New York City, USA

The 2022 Cedo Nulli NMUN delegation
Cedo Nulli

Adjust to university life

Are you coming to study with us next year, and would you like some help with finding your way around university and student life? Then sign up for the CONNECT mentor programme! This programme is designed to welcome all new students and help them with the smoothest possible transition into university and student life. 

New students are linked to a mentor (an ESSB second-year/third-year or master student) in small groups. These mentors will guide you during the first months of your studies and will be your contact point for all your questions. In addition, CONNECT organizes various academic trainings, workshops and social events you can participate in.

With CONNECT, you will feel at home at the EUR in no time as it’s the perfect way to make new contacts with your fellow students and learn from an experienced fellow student. Sign up here!

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