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Biopac - Physiological measurement equipment

The Biopac system is a modular system that makes it possible to measure 1 or more physiological measurements such as heart rate, skin conductance and temperature, as well as muscle tension and blood pressure. These systems enable different biometric data to be collected from a participant with a very high frequency.

Usually, images are shown on a screen, or the participants are exposed to sounds, with a signal being sent to the Biopac for each image or sound. This happens with very great precision, so that after analysing the data, the researcher can see exactly how the participant's physiology is affected when presented with the various signals.  

Besides the Biopac hardware, the EBL also has the advanced analysis software Acqknowledge by Biopac. This software has numerous options for analysing and interpreting the data recorded with the various sensors. There are also numerous export options to write the data to other formats and analyse it with different software, like BrainVision Analyzer. View the Biopac specs for detailed information about the options.

The Erasmus Behavioural Lab has six Biopac measuring systems.

Biopac specs

  • Three Biopac MP150 systems and three more recent Biopac MP160 systems for measuring physiological data.
  • Different remote modules which make it possible to record physiological data while the participant is free to walk around.
  • Modules for measuring heartbeat (ECG), skin conductance (EDA), muscle tension (EMG) as well as temperature and blood pressure.
  • Measure the different physiological measures with very high frequency (up to 400 kHz).
  • Acqknowledge software for analysing the data collected with the Biopac modules.

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