Multi person labs

Multi-person labs - For bigger research populations

The EBL has several 2 and 4-person rooms. These are flexibly designed rooms which can be used for a wide range of research.

The rooms have several computers with options to connect to different hardware. They can be used to measure response times when performing a computer task or as a relaxation room to observe how relaxation affects a participant.

Due to the flexible open setup, these research areas are ideal for observing how participants react to each other by letting them work together or even play against each other.

The labs are used for behavioural experiments in management and economy, for example. This makes it possible to chart cooperative behaviour. Participants then play with or against each other in a game. The influence of task descriptions on performance and creativity can also be measured. Thinking aloud is a method used for this. For example, participants read words or text from a screen. Response times, speech errors and thought processes can be recorded and analysed. The areas are also ideal for giving instructions which the participant then follows in various research stages. Check out the booth specs for the options.

Booth specs:

  • The booths can record participants while they talk.
  • Physical reactions are analysed, such as activity of the sweat glands, breathing, heartbeat, muscle tension or blinking of the eyes.
  • The rooms make it possible for participants to communicate with each other when this is desirable. While doing so, they are observed by the researcher.
  • Researchers can give multiple participants individual verbal instructions in different phases of the experiment or research.

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