Erasmus SYNC Lab

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As time progresses, adolescents develop complex views of themselves and become more sensitive to the opinions of others.

What is this research about?

We investigate the relationship between the development of the self-concept in adolescents and the structural and functional changes that take place within the brain.

Brain development

We measured the structural and functional neurological changes from a sample of 160 adolescents. In addition to brain development, we collected data that consists of self-reports highlighting individual personality traits, behaviour observations from parent-child interactions and measurements of biomarkers such as testosterone.


There is a subproject that is focused on youth who experience difficulties finding a suitable major and take a gap year with Foundation Gap-Year in the Netherlands ( We examined changes in the self-concept of these individuals and tested whether they were able to make better suited academic decisions after their gap year.

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Self concept project SYNC lab

Dit project wordt ondersteund door VICI-subsidie van de Nederlandse Onderzoeksraad (NWO), toegekend aan Eveline Crone.

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