Open Symposium Transgender Surgery VCMS Rotterdam

Wednesday 17 Apr 2019, 18:30 - 22:00

College room 1 - Erasmus MC

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On Wednesday the 17th of April, the VCMS (Society for Medical Students) is organizing the Open Symposium on "Transgender Surgery". Interested in seeing the talks of prominent transgender surgeons, hearing the experiences of none other than Loiza Lamers, and having snacks and drinks afterwards? A ticket for the Open Symposium "Transgender Surgery" of the Society for Medical Students (VCMS) Rotterdam is 4 euros. Note: the symposium is in Dutch!

The symposium 

A recent development in society - but also in surgery - is the focus on gender. Gender is a topic that comes back in many ways in the cutting specialty. One of the most direct ways in which gender influences the medical process is transgender surgery.

The purpose of this symposium is to highlight both the human and medical aspects of transgender surgery. Top surgeons and doctors in this area will discuss multidisciplinary (from psychology to urology), surgical-technical aspects, Dutch progress and the international nature of transgender surgery. The experiences of Loiza Lamers will also be brought to light.

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VCMS Rotterdam is an association that offers medical students a platform to further deepen and shape their interest in surgery. She is currently turning her fourth year of association. Every year VCMS Rotterdam has fifty enthusiastic members who follow the annual program. The annual open symposia are one of the ways in which all medical students can discover the multifaceted field of surgery. External parties are also welcome at this symposium.

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