EUR researchers on the coronavirus

On this page you will find articles and videos on EUR researchers speaking about the coronavirus (COVID-19). Virologist Marion Koopmans (Erasmus MC) is frequently interviewed on the virus. She is one of the world leaders in research on the spread of viruses.

The videos below are in dutch.

Erasmus MC is well-prepared for patients with SARS-CoV-2

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Our researchers in the media about corona

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    ‘As far as I am concerned, there must be a third support package’

    When Bas Jacobs looks at the economy and the current figures, shivers run down his spine. In a podcast by Brainwash, Jacobs tells us how he feels about the current situation and public policy. 

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    When breathing is political

    A plea for sustainable just cities and the right to life by dr. Flor Avelino.

  • Pandemic, poverty and power: Perspectives on in/exclusivity in cities - webinar screenshot

    ISS webinar on Covid-19

    Pandemic, poverty and power: Perspectives on in/exclusivity in cities

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    An uncertain future for KLM

    Billions of euros are being coughed up to help KLM. Floris de Haan, senior researcher in Air Transport Economics at Erasmus School of Economics, believes that KLM faces an uncertain future.

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    Economic forecasts: 'The more, the better'

    That the economy shrinks as a result of the corona crisis is for sure, but there are different predictions and scenarios about how serious the damage will be.

Our experts

At Erasmus MC, leading scientists are working on the coronavirus, such as Professor Marion Koopmans. At our other schools, several academics are also looking at the pandemic from their scientific perspective - ranging from economics to sociology.

Professor Marion Koopmans
Head of Department Viroscience
Dr Bart Haagmans
Researcher at the department Viroscience
Dr Eric van Gorp
Medical specialist at department of Viroscience
Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort Schuit
Internist acute medicine-intensivist | Chair Department of Internal Medicine
prof.dr. (Lucas) LCPM Meijs
prof.dr. (Renske) R Keizer

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Researchers about the coronavirus

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