22nd lustrum: a year of celebration for and by the entire university

Students in front of the depot - Rotterdam in the sun
Students on campus during Eurekaweek.

A weekend for children to get to know the university, a giant mural on campus and a grand festival to conclude. Our university's 22nd lustrum is just around the corner, as Erasmus University Rotterdam celebrates its 110th anniversary next academic year. EUR colleague Farzad Kananpour, working in Marketing & Communication, is the lustrum's project manager. Together with the project group, he ensures that the organisation of the lustrum runs like clockwork: "For the first time since 2019, we are organising the HeartBeat Festival again. Four years ago, 5,000 students and employees attended. It will be a smashing end to the lustrum year!"

Every five years, the lustrum is the celebration of the entire university. This is what Farzad likes best about the festive year: "The faculties, central departments, student associations, research groups and all other groups come together during the lustrum. The nice thing is that activities are organised from really all corners of the university."

In conversation with everyone

In preparation, Farzad held some 70 talks with the EUR community. The aim was to include everyone within our university in the lustrum: "There is so much knowledge and expertise within our university, and you can see that in the activities that are organised. Every colleague or student is good at something else. This way, everyone contributes to the lustrum."

Farzad Kananpour smiling on campus

''In the past, we have had big artists at the HeartBeat Festival like Kensington, Chef'Special and Maan. This year, we are going big once again. In a nutshell: great food, plenty to drink and happy dancing!''

Farzad Kananpour

Which three events shouldn't be missed?

There are already more than 50 activities on the anniversary calendar and more to come. Farzad picked three to highlight.

Michelle Muus

1.    Opening Academic Year - Monday, 4 September 2023

"This is the official opening of the lustrum year. It will be celebrated in the Laurenskerk. The cortege will soon walk through the city centre. All professors with a toga through the Koopgoot, I'm already looking forward to that! Registration is free, but there is a limited number of places. So make sure you'll be there on time."

Register now!
Students are listening to lecture.
Example of a lustrumtag

2.    Lifelong Learning Festival – April or May 2024

"For a week, we are going to offer workshops and lectures in the city. The date is not fixed yet, but it is certain that this will be a fantastic event. We are organising this with the EUR community for the city of Rotterdam. Every Rotterdammer may participate in this, so that everyone can continue to develop."

See what is already known
Feestende studenten met glowsticks.

3.    HeartBeat Festival - Thursday, 13 June 2024

"This will be a grand festival, the closing of the lustrum year. Employees, students, alumni and families are welcome. In the past, we have had big artists like Kensington, Chef'Special and Maan. This year, we will go big once again. In a nutshell: great food, plenty to drink and happy dancing!"

Be there!

Actually, there are many more activities that Farzad wants to highlight. "There is so much being organised. If you are a student and love entrepreneurship then the Erasmus University Challenge is something you can't miss. If you're a student or employee who loves art, then the Mural Mystery is your event. There, you can help create an artwork for the campus. And do you like food? During the Dies Natalis (the university's birthday on 8 November), special lustrum snacks will be developed. You can try these during the Dies event. For employees with children, we have the Weekend of Science. The range is so wide. Take a look at the total overview.”

Studenten staan buiten bij het Open EUR Festival.
OpenEUR Festival in 2019

Massive response to lustrum call

The special thing about this lustrum year is that all employees and students can organise an activity themselves. There is help from the organisation in the form of promotion, expertise and possibly a sum of money. "We give everyone the opportunity to be part of the programme. That's what makes this edition so special. We received 52 (!) applications from students and colleagues. They all made the effort to submit a plan. That's fantastic!"

Farzad looks forward to it and has a tip: “Keep an eye on our lustrum page, so you won't miss anything during the festive year!”

More information

From 1 September, it is again possible to submit an application. Financial support is not always guaranteed, but if your application is approved your activity will be on the lustrum calender. Students and employees: keep an eye on MyEUR!

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