EUCjr 2018 - First Day

It happened: EUCjr 2018 officially kicked off on Wednesday, 31st of January! This unique programme of Erasmus University College takes place for the second year in a row in which 47 motivated high school students from 7 different schools in the area of Rotterdam started a journey of exploring EUC, being a university student and above all, exploring their own interests and enriching themselves with skills.

For 8 days (spread over about two months), these youngsters will follow a specifically designed programme during which they will study within the four different departments of EUC, be researchers during the Academic Research sessions, learn presentation skills through rhetoric workshops and get to work on personal skills and ambitions. At the end of the programme, they will hopefully have a better understanding of what university – and EUC specifically – is and what impact higher education can have on their future. They will also have a better understanding about themselves, gained skills in writing, doing research and presentation and will also gain insight into their own ambitions and endeavours. All in all, EUCjr aims to enrich them in multiple ways! For more information go here:

The first day was a very warm welcome for all of us. The EUCjr students coming from Zuider Gymnasium, OSG Hugo de Groot, Het Lyceum Rotterdam, Marnix Gymnasium, Melanchton Schiebroek, Lyceum Kralingen and Avicenne College were very enthusiastic to start. It was an intensive day in which they met their EUCjr classmates, dove into the subject of identity, got lectures about what a university and a student association are about and closed off the day with inspirational stories by an EUCjr alumnus, Sevval Demir and an EUC alumna, Merel Dap. Together with parents, students and staff these stories were followed by social drinks in which we could discuss the day and create the opportunity to get to know EUC and each other a little better. It became clear that this group of EUCjr students was eager to learn and motivated to make the best out of this programme. For us, the EUC community, these are ingredients for a promising journey!