Honouring researchers and talents on Talent Day

At Erasmus University Rotterdam, putting top researchers in the limelight on Talent Day is an excellent tradition. This year 33 researchers and the 50 students who successfully participated in the Erasmus Honours Programme 2016 will be proudly presented on 15 March 2017.

Every year, researchers at Erasmus University Rotterdam successfully manage to secure grants and subsidies for their research. It is really special to be among the best in such a competitive research environment. 

At EUR, an excellent tradition is putting our top researchers in the limelight on Talent Day. This year, 33 researchers will be proudly presented on 15 March. These researchers have become eligible for various NWO subsidies, a ERC Consolidator Grant and EUR and Erasmus MC Fellowships. Examples here (Vici Grant for professor Henning Tiemeier, Erasmus MC) and here (ERC Consolidator Grant for professor Xandra Kramer, Erasmus School of Law).

With their grants and subsidies, the laureates have gotten off to a fine start on the long, arduous road leading to a successful academic career. 

The 50 students who successfully took part in the Erasmus Honours Programme in 2016 will also be present. These students stand at the very beginning of the academic career path.  

Eleven new EUR Fellows
Every year, Erasmus University Rotterdam offers extremely talented young researchers the opportunity to carry out research for a maximum of four years with a EUR Fellowship. This way, the Erasmus University hopes to encourage people to opt for a career in academic research and seeks to keep talented researchers in the university. The EUR Fellowship offers a funding scheme of € 135,000. This year’s laureates are: Julie Nonnekens, Tjakko van Ham, Judith Rietjens, Marienke Middelkoop (Erasmus MC), Remy Spliet, Wendun Wang (ESE), Wouter Verheyen (ESL), Chris Nierstrasz (ESHCC), Arjen Leerkes, Renske Keizer and Rianne Kok (FSW). 

Research Talent
Research Talent is a responsive mode funding scheme, which offers talented and ambitious young researchers a platform to pursue a scientific career and carry out high-quality PhD research. This ambition, amongst others, is reflected in the choice of study, followed courses and academic activities that the student engaged in. Research Talent offers excellent students within the social and behavioural sciences the opportunity to fulfil their ambitions of pursuing their scientific careers. 

Erasmus University wishes to retain and develop talent. The Executive Board is very proud of these researchers honoured during Talent Day: they are working on the development, transfer and application of new knowledge in the field of health and welfare, governance and culture. They give new impetus to the research and enhance the reputation of the Erasmus University Rotterdam as a top research institution.

Talent Day has been made possible by the Vereniging Trustfonds EUR

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