Students Ina Jäntgen and Charlie Sewalt win the Lambers Student Excellence Award 2021

winnaars Lambers Student Excellence Award laten trots hun prijs zien

This year's Lambers Student Excellence award was given to not one, but two students. Due to their extraordinary achievements, students Ina Jäntgen and Charlie Sewalt received the award during the Opening of the Academic Year on September 6. The award contains a monetary value of €3,500, an ARK-medal, and a certificate of appreciation, signed by both the Rector Magnificus and the chairman of the Erasmus Trust Fund.

"I feel very honoured to win this prize"

Both students are very proud to have received the award, which is seen as a unique reward for their hard work. Ina Jäntgen, master's student Research Master Philosophy and Economics (Erasmus School of Philosophy) received a 9.5 for her master's thesis 'Facing Asymmetry: Towards a quasi-interventionist, counterfactual theory of causal and non-causal explanation'. In her thesis, she described how we ought to understand the notion of an explanation. To do this, she developed a novel counterfactual theory of explanation.

Care for trauma patients

Charlie Sewalt, master’s student at the Centre of Medical Decision Making, which is part of the Department of Public Health, wrote a thesis called ‘Trauma models to identify major trauma and mortality in the prehospital setting’. She researched the possibility of predicting which trauma patients would need care in a major trauma centre and which patients could be transferred to a smaller hospital. Results showed that it is very difficult to predict with vital functions which patients are seriously injured and thus need care in a large trauma centre. Charlie completed her research with a 9.

Using the award to gain inspiration for further research

Both students want to use the award to further deepen and develop themselves as researchers. Ina will start a PhD in Philosophy at Cambridge University in the fall. “I plan to spend some time researching at other, world-leading institutions, for example in the United States and Australia .” Charlie, who recently started working as a doctor in the surgery department at the Ikazia Hospital in Rotterdam South, will also use the award to get research inspiration: ”I would like to make a research visit to the largest trauma centre in the United States, to see in practice how trauma care is organised and to get inspiration for further research.”

'Follow your passion'

For current and future students, both Charlie and Ina give the same advice: follow your passion! In doing so, Ina explains that studying is not always easy, but that difficulties during one's studies do not preclude one from being successful in the future. It is therefore important to seek help rather than giving up.

More information

The Lambers Student Excellence award is one of the prizes that were handed out during the opening of the academic year on Monday September 6.

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