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  • (Mahsa) M Alirezaei

    (Mahsa) M Alirezaei

  • (Jorrit) J Alkema MSC BA

    (Jorrit) J Alkema MSC BA

  • (Sanne) S Allers

    (Sanne) S Allers

  • dr. (Nuno) NM Almeida Camacho

    dr. (Nuno) NM Almeida Camacho

    Nuno Camacho is Associate Professor of Marketing at the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In hist research…
  • (Lucas) L Alves Chacha

    (Lucas) L Alves Chacha

  • prof.dr. (Fabian) F Amtenbrink

    prof.dr. (Fabian) F Amtenbrink

    For details please visit Professor Amtenbrink.
  • (Poornika) P Anantha Ramakrishnan

    (Poornika) P Anantha Ramakrishnan

    Poornika Ananth is an Assistant Professor of Innovation Management in the Department of Technology and Operations Management at the Rotterdam School of…
  • mr. (Jolanda) JJ Andela

    mr. (Jolanda) JJ Andela

  • (Daniela) D Andrade

    (Daniela) D Andrade

    Daniela Andrade has dedicated much of her energy into the study of rural poverty and agrarian development. She has a degree in agronomic engineer and has been…
  • dr. (Marta) M Andreatta

    dr. (Marta) M Andreatta

    Goal of my research is to contribute understanding the underlying mechanisms as well as the risk factors involved in the etiology and maintenance of psychiatric…