Senior Leadership in Academia

Senior Leadership in Academia is about you as a leader. We need you to initiate change, be able to create a safe and challenging environment for every Erasmian and build partnerships for the future.

We invite you to join our top level leadership program tailor made for professors who are responsible for a department, section or team. The purpose of this new initiative is to develop your leadership qualities in the context of the strategic goals of the organisation. You will participate in this intensive program to reflect with EUR colleagues in the same role on leading yourself and others.

The program will be facilitated by experienced leadership trainers and coaches who will offer you tools, practice and feedback to boost your development and broaden your network of peers.


  • Strengthened leadership role as a connecting factor and ability to create change.
  • Developed vision that has positive impact on society.
  • Increased influence as a leader: and more effectiveness in your relationships with colleagues, the faculty, the university and beyond.
  • Better understanding of dynamics of a group and how to handle differences that emerge in every group.
  • Increased understanding of yourself: your qualities, your values and beliefs.
  • Deeper understanding of the organization by a systemic perspective.

Target group

  • You are a professor who is responsible for a department, section or team.
  • You are willing and able to schedule time to complete the entire program.
  • You want to deepen your development as a leader

Practical information

Kickoff11 October 202209.00-12.30
Individual intakes3, 4, 7, 9 or 10 Novembermeetings of 1,5 hours
Module 124 & 25 November 9.00- 21.00/17.00
Module 210 & 11 January9.00- 21.00/17.00
Module 37 & 8 February9.00- 21.00/17.00
Follow-upto be announcedone day

All three modules are including dinner and overnight stay.


Kick-off and intake (1/2 day), and 6 module-days (3 x 2) incl. evening program, meals and overnight stay; Individual (or team) meetings with a coach (max 10 hrs)

Costs:9.030 euro incl BTW (all above included)


Do you want to use your personal career budget? Make sure you submit your application to our colleagues on time. Read more here.

If you want to use your department budget, you can request the budget number from your manager

Location:Villa Augustus, Dordrecht

Takacs & Verheijden and ARDIS Organisatie Ontwikkeling

(combination of experienced coaches and trainers)


The program consists of three learning lines:

  • A practical learning line in which you work on a change assignment in your own context
  • An individual learning line where you work on your personal learning goals
  • A collective learning line which offers a number of modules.

  1. Kick off: This program starts with a kick-off of half a day on campus*.
  2. 360°-feedback: The learning-process starts by using a 360˚feedback instrument, with a customised competency set. Reflecting on the outcome with the coach/trainer you will craft your learning objectives for the program.
  3. Intake*: The intake is a conversation with one of the trainers and is intended to:
  • get acquainted and manage expectations
  • discuss the outcomes of the 360˚feedback and you discuss the learning objectives in more depth
  • make a start with formulating your change assignment.
  1. Coaching: (10 hours punch card for individual sessions and/or for a team-session) can be used up to twelve months after finishing the program, the learning process will continue for quite some time.
  2. Three modules of two days including an evening programme and overnight stay*
    - Personal leadership in the context of EUR
    - Inspiring others
    - Influencing the system
  3. Follow-up: one day

* ​​​​​​If Covid-19 measures do not allow us to offer the programme offline, the programme will be offered online. We realise that working online requires a different kind of energy and is of a different intensity. The specific characteristics of working online (opportunities and obstacles) are taken into account.


2 days including overnight stay

This module focuses on who you are as a leader. You explore your individuality in different ways and sharpen your perspective on your qualities and blind spots. In addition, your leadership role is central: how do your ambitions and values fit in with those of the university as a whole? The group also devotes time and attention to creating a safe learning environment together. In this module we start with peer consultation (an effective method to learn with and from each other), in fixed, small groups. This will be repeated in each module.


2 days including overnight stay

In this module you will focus on the interaction with others, at group level and at individual level. You 'design' a personal vision and learn to present this vision with impact, so that you inspire others. You will explore different ways of looking at your team, group or section and learn how to take the team to the next level.


2 days including overnight stay

In this module organizational dynamics are introduced. By gaining insight into these dynamics you learn to zoom out and see the bigger picture. Themes addressed are maneuvering strategic thinking in a political context, navigating using your own moral compass, facilitating to a safe work environment and inclusive leadership.

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